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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

23rd October 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You seem to be in some fighting mood, this can be connected with home family and property,
Day special – protect yourself from this attitude as it can reduce your efforts and performance, be optimistic in life
Your own hard work will bring enormous gains for you, monetary gains are indicated
Do – from this positive thinking you will find happiness in some relationship also, but your elders may not be appreciative of your relationships
Don’t – you are still not convinced about the goodness which this period carries, this negative attitude can actually reduce your performance, don’t let that happen
Financial prosperity will bring satisfaction and happiness, you can gain from some property matters also
Day special – you may be in a habit of calling a spade a spade, but that can hurt others, refrain from doing that
You are a little stiff in your attitude, that can lead to even some loss for you
Do – if you are planning for some travels then you are convinced about that, but you may have to spend more than what you anticipate
Don’t – you are not taking help or guidance from others, refusing that help can cause obstacles also, don’t do that
Excellent financial position makes you spend without proper planning, but that is unfortunate as you cannot consolidate your gains
Day special – by doing so indirectly you are causing pressures and differences in your life, spending is not a problem but spending without planning can hurt you
Excellent period for professional stability, this will give you financial gains also as per your expectations
Do – far off linkages may not give you any expected return, avoid that
Don’t – don’t let your savings come under pressure, there can be various obstacles on that aspect, don’t let your savings get wasted
Generally stable period with no problems, but you are risking too much by depending on your luck, this needs some control
Day special – as such your routine pressures are more at this stage, this period requires patience and total devotion to your work
Very lucky period generally as there is no cause for concern, financial position is stable and there is nothing adverse
Do – routine kind of pressures can be immense for you at this stage, you have to maintain patience to handle those pressures
Don’t – don’t ignore the importance of continuity and stability of your profession, for that you have to find time, don’t ignore that
Excellent period for professional stability, but some hidden worries are there on your mind which keep you uneasy
Day special – there is no need for those worries as there is ample amount of stability for you, your own goodness and self confidence will protect you in many ways
Very lucky period as every thing is under control, but some health factors need better care as that can be the pressure for you
Do – from your side you are being helpful to others, that will control some differences also which you must attempt
Don’t – your professional gains have to be invested back into your profession, those should not be lost in any risky venture, don’t do that
You are under pressure for various reasons, some love relationship is not working, there is overall pressure in your relationships also
Day special – all this is making you uneasy and frustrated, if you are a student you have to devote your time towards your studies, forget everything else
You wish to convert some relationship into marriage, this is a favorable period for that, you will get all kinds of support for fulfilling your dreams
Do – in all this goodness you have to find time for your family as well as for your career, that is the most important aspect at this stage
Don’t – don’t get into any financial disputes, it is a weak period for that which must be avoided

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