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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday 15 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be getting the rewards in many ways, but you are not benefiting fully because you are not happy
Day special – For that reason your expenses are high as you are moving in a very unplanned manner, that is where you have to understand the need to organize your life
Vrish – Certain pressures and obstacles are still continuing because you are thinking like that, at the same time you can improve the quality of your work which is getting reduced now
Do – Lot of hard work is need to succeed in life, that is the only way one can achieve eventually
Don’t – Don’t plan for any changes or travels as they may not give the desired results, the best move forward is to improve your knowledge and your abilities at this stage, don’t forget that
Mithun – Generally stable period as you are trying to think more rationally with each passing moment, your financial position may not be as strong but you are trying to take very rational decisions
Day special – Try to take the help of others and the support of your own people, you may not be happy with that but still that involvement can benefit you
Karka – Moving on the path of expectations from luck can be risky, it may not give you any magical or big gains as you expect
Do – In the process your own hard work is also reducing, you are getting disillusioned and dissatisfied simultaneously, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your financial stability get reduced, that is showing abundantly and you will be benefited in that
Simha – There are inherent problems in some love relationship, but your own involvement towards others is remarkable from your own side
Day special – You must remember that each step in this world is difficult, but it is not impossible and that is what you must remember
Kanya – Psychologically you are getting into stress with your own people around you, that is where a lot of moderation is needed so that the goodness is achieved in the manner in which it is available
Do – Patience and peace, especially in relationships so that they do not become stressed
Don’t – Don’t be unfair towards others, don’t have negative thoughts for others, very important to understand
Tula – Differences of opinion are also continuing, your own focus is also not up to the mark,
Day special – You are being a bit too rigid in your approach, at the same time you are stressed and worried, complexity of this nature is not right
Vrishchik – Your own ability is intact, that is the goodness which you carry at this stage
Do – Even some love relationship is likely to emerge, that strength is also showing
Don’t – Don’t make any major investment in your work, that is not really required, stability is important
Dhanu – Overall goodness motivates you, psychologically you must remain upbeat and happy
Day special – Spread that happiness around you, in work even if you are dissatisfied don’t show that uneasiness
Makar – Your efforts are remarkable which may give you gains, but you are losing those gains in unplanned ways and that is not looking good
Do – Speak well to others and discuss your matters clearly, that will help you and provide lot of auspiciousness
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle can become very strong with your own goodness, don’t show unstable views and decisions at this stage
Kumbh – Financial angle is stable and becoming better, this goodness can be carried further to get full rewards at this stage
Day special – The negativity of this period is created in your mind, you are yourself responsible for many of these factors which can actually be controlled
Meena – You are becoming too strong in your views for major changes, actually indirectly that is reducing your own stable thoughts in many ways, you have to protect yourself from that
Do –
Don’t – Don’t let your wastages or losses increase, for that reason lot of planning and carefulness is required, don’t go wrong on that

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