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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thursday 25 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Lucky financial inflows are possible, but your outflows can also be as heavy as you are moving in a very unplanned manner
Day special – You are a bit firm in your attitude and trying to follow your own path, even with your own people you may be caring towards them but not listening to them at the same time
Vrish – There are obstacles in your work in whichever work you are involved, for that reason a lot of involvement is needed which may include financial needs also
Do – Your efforts can be remarkable as you are very focused at this stage, that can bring the goodness and protect you from the obstacles side by side
Don’t – Don’t look at any major changes at this stage, it may not give you the desired advantage which you wish to have
Mithun – Luck is favoring you and your well wishers are supporting you, this period is also motivating you to be good to others and speak pleasantly to others
Day special – As far as finances are concerned you have to be a bit careful, you have to protect yourself from unnecessary financial issues or differences side by side
Karka – Misunderstandings with senior or superiors are possible, for that very reason you may think that luck is not favoring you as much as it should
Do – You are carrying some amount of false self-confidence which can prove to be detrimental, especially on work related matters you have to be careful
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health in this process, if any investigation is needed then you must take that and take the treatment
Simha – Some relationships are on your mind in a slightly selfish manner, you are too forceful to push your dreams and desires and that is the impact you carry
Day special – In this entire process you have to understand the views of others around you, to push your own agenda you may get into unnecessary arguments or differences of opinion which is not required
Kanya – Stress in home and family are possible, they can have linkages to financial matters for which you have to be caring towards others
Do – You are being a bit unfair towards others at this stage, that is the reason that your own mistakes are showing abundantly
Don’t – Don’t forget that God is kind to you in many ways, you have to spread that kindness amongst your own people in a bid to be thankful to others
Tula – Your own hard work can bring enormous benefits to you at this stage, but you have to use that advantage or knowledge in the right direction
Day special – Work related matters seem to be stable, but there are inherent factors of stress and differences which need to be handled more carefully
Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you and auspiciousness is intact, you are finding happiness from your own loved ones abundantly
Do – Financial prosperity is stable and that will make you happy, but your own attitude must remain very positive at each step forward
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be far off linkages which may become advantageous to you, but you have to plan for that and take the support of others side by side
Dhanu – Your motivation is intact but psychologically you may not be as happy, there is some amount of pressure on you linked to your views in a complex way
Day special – Keep a lot of peace and patience on your mind, God is there to take care of many things simultaneously, for that reason don’t be stressed unnecessarily
Makar – Any kind of changes or alternatives may prove to be advantageous, you will have to seriously about those options and consider them also
Do – You have to connect with other people in a very positive manner, even if it needs helping others then you must do that
Don’t – Don’t find fault in the ways of your own people, don’t therefore keep your expectations too high unnecessarily as that is not really required
Kumbh – Very auspicious period in many ways, your pleasant memories will make you happy and you have to remain optimistic with those thoughts
Day special – In extremes of your thinking you may become a bit negative in your thoughts, that is where you have to understand that patience will help you immensely at this stage
Meena – On one hand your own abilities are abundant, on the other hand you are not able to take the advantage of that goodness and you are increasing your pressures
Do – You must remember that you have to prove yourself at this stage, that is essential as your abilities must get recognized and appreciated
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own hard work can give you what you desire, unnecessarily depending on luck at this stage is not right and it is not recommended

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