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Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday 20 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to take big decisions and those can increase your expenses and pressures, for that reason you have to take your decisions very carefully also
Do – You are becoming more and more aware of the needs of your own people, for that reason you have to fulfill your responsibilities also side by side
Don’t – Don’t show any selfish motives in your dealings with others, that can spoil your image and can increase misunderstandings, don’t let that happen
Vrish – Auspiciousness of this period is well indicated, financial gains are there and you are able to convert those gains into the right direction
Day special – You may be on the right track but any big move or change may not be as advisable, for that reason any far off linkages may not give you the expected results
Mithun – You will be able to study well and that can prove to be beneficial, your hard work can lead to making your career at this stage
Do – Even if you have to go to a far off place for your studies it can prove to be beneficial, you have to plan accordingly to make your future
Don’t – Don’t expect any immediate financial gains at this stage, the process can be beneficial but it can take its own time, don’t forget that
Karka – Extremely beneficial period especially for financial prosperity, your own goodness is reflected in your involvement with your own people as that is the right thing to do also
Day special – I still feel that your knowledge is not supporting you as much, you have to study further and improve your skills so that you are able to perform better in life
Simha – There are too many pressures of work which you may have to face at this stage, you have more work than what you can handle and that is a blessing in many ways
Do – Any big changes have to be avoided, you should not run away from your work or from your responsibilities
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for something for far off linkages, it may not be the right thing to do at this stage, your own hard work can give you the stability which is required, don’t forget that
Kanya – Extremely good period but psychologically you are not happy or satisfied with it, that is why you are getting into differences with your own people which need to be avoided
Day Special – If your psychological uneasiness is connected with finances then you have to change your own attitude, you must remember that goodness will come slowly but positively, for that certain obstacles also have to be met
Tula – You are being too forceful and that is why you are increasing obstacles for yourself, that is why people who are important can look at you with doubt or suspicion
Do – You have to connect with people and understand their needs, that can only save you from unnecessary differences or misunderstandings
Don’t – Don’t forget that the support from others may not be as much as you expect, you have to meet your financial needs of work and that is also important
Vrishchik – You will get excellent support from many people around you, even the rewards from far and wide will be evident and you will be benefited with that situation
Day special – Psychologically you have to understand the goodness and draw happiness out of it, but side by side you also have to work to study well and to improve your abilities
Dhanu – Financial goodness is evident, you will be able to convert your funds into investments also side by side
Do – Your knowledge is lacking and your studies are not supporting you, for that reason you may be carrying stress in your personal relationships also, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life needs to be handled in a very stable manner, you cannot increase stress and differences unnecessarily, your own thinking should be very stable and peaceful
Makar – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, this period is motivating you to really work hard and to move forward in life
Day special – Situation in your personal life as well as in your married life is not as happy as you would like it to be, that is why you are not able to derive the goodness which this period can actually give, especially in personal life try to be more understanding towards others
Kumbh – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, your own abilities to win your friends or influence people can be a remarkable situation
Do – By any kind of written communication or important papers you should not get into stress and differences, it can lead to difficulties or conflicts which you need to protect
Don’t – Don’t forget that some care is needed in your work also, you cannot reduce the performance which may lead to stressful situations for yourself, don’t let that happen
Meena – Goodness is intact but it also carries pressures side by side, there are routine kind of pressures which you may have to face on day to day basis and only then you can remain peaceful
Day special – You are aware that people around you may not be fair towards you or supportive towards you, that can lead to stress and pressures, hence you have to keep a lot of patience especially in what you speak, don’t be sarcastic to any one as it can be unfortunate

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