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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monday 22 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are likely to get the benefit and the rewards from home or property in some form or the other, as such this is a period which provides financial gains abundantly
Do – This is also a period to enjoy your prosperity, but in the bargain you have to protect yourself from unnecessary wastages or loss also
Don’t – Don’t get away from your own people in any kind of rigid behavior, you have to think rationally and act judiciously in any kind of decision making
Vrish – Your own hard work at this stage can give you enormous rewards, as a linkage it is your own forcefulness which is providing the goodness in many ways, work hard if you are a student as this period is very supportive
Day special – In any kind of financial matter you have to avoid any kind of differences of opinion, even in some relationship you cannot be unfair to create any misunderstandings, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Financial matters are such that you are getting into unnecessary differences of opinion, in fact you can even create loss for yourself unless you are careful
Do – You are also very inclined to take decisions connected with your work, and they can be big decisions which can change the focus of your path or your destiny
Don’t – Don’t ignore those factors because there can be hidden advantages in the bargain, but don’t take any decision without proper care and planning as protection is more important at this stage
Karka – Financial prosperity is indicated and you will be benefited, you are also likely to be very forceful in your expression and in your thoughts
Day special – All those matters connected with home and property can be decided favorably, even if there is a scope for some investment in property you can think about it seriously and decide
Simha – You are seriously thinking of bringing about changes in your work, so much so that you are ignoring the hidden indications which may not be as advantageous to you in the process
Do – This period is very forceful in many ways, it can give you the opportunities like never before, it is also motivating you in many ways,
Don’t – Don’t make any mistakes from your side as there are hidden pressures side by side, it can be a price which you have to pay for achieving goodness in life, but don’t be careless
Kanya – Financial prosperity is indicated very well, for that reason luck is also favoring you in a manner which can be very advantageous to you
Day Special – In some thoughts or decisions connected with your partners or associates you have to be very careful, you have to draw the goodness which is available, in the bargain some differences of personal life have to be controlled also
Tula – Work related issues are strong on your mind, you are being a bit rigid also in the bargain and not considering all the options which may be available to you
Do – You have many things to accomplish in life, for that there are many issues which may not please you as much as you want, you have to handle those things also carefully
Don’t – Don’t get into unnecessary pressures from your side, make yourself very mild as that will protect you in many ways, especially in all those hidden thoughts and factors which may bother you
Vrishchik – Luck may favor you and may motivate your well wishers to do good to you, that is the advantage which you can derive at this stage
Day special – Some love relationship can also prosper side by side, some far off linkages as a result may develop to give you happiness in the process, draw that happiness at this stage
Dhanu – Psychological issues are there which make you forceful, but there is some amount of negativity in which you are not giving due importance to everything which you are facing at this stage
Do – You have to resolve many issues in personal life amicably, for that you have to make your efforts to speak and to discuss
Don’t – Don’t forget that as a result your work related factors can become stable, all those factors which are in the form of deficiencies in your work have to be resolved at this stage
Makar – Some love relationship is very strong and may please you, it may also have the motivation to you side by side to take you forward in life
Day special – The linkages of your personal life or in marital life are not as strong, you are aware of those weaknesses and that is why you feel stressed also, but you have to find a balance in your personal life in a manner which does not disturb you emotionally
Kumbh – Psychological conflicts should be controlled, especially on matters where your own efforts are not bringing out the bests results,
Do – You have to try and get the advantage from your own people at their terms, you cannot push for your thoughts at this stage as those can be your own mistakes
Don’t – In this process don’t be too rigid in your attitude, mildness is a virtue which you have to inculcate at this stage as nothing can be better than that
Meena – Apparently some love relationship may not be as strong, but the hidden factors are very stable to give you the advantage which you wish to have in relationships
Day special – This period is motivating to you in many ways, especially on all those factors connected with personal life you have to remain optimistic and not get depressed, that is important

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