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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wednesday 31 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are aware of this deficiency and still you are being unfair towards your own people, that is why there is need for you to understand the views of others and appreciate them at the same time
Day special – By doing so you will realize that you will get abundant response of favorableness in return, you will also be able to protect yourself from routine kind of pressures and unnecessary differences of opinion
Vrish – Changes may not bring the desired results, for that matter even travels may be stressful which you may have to avoid
Do – Your expenses on pleasures have to be curtailed, you will have to be more aware and appreciative of the fact that lot of stability is required in life, for that you will have to make efforts
Don’t – Don’t make mistakes from your side, especially on matters connected with your knowledge and abilities there are deficiencies, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Financial troubles can be there which may lead to conflicts, you may also get into unnecessary arguments which may create stress in your life
Day special – Relationships are strong and you are committed, you are also keen to fulfill your dreams and desires at any cost for which your motivation is very high
Karka – Auspiciousness of this period is dependent on your own favorable thinking, you are connecting with your own people very well and in the process getting the rewards also side by side
Do – You have to fulfill your responsibilities and also arrange funds for your work, that kind of positive awareness will show you the path of goodness and success
Don’t – Don’t still let any routine kind of issues overpower you, especially in matters where you are not fully aware of the facts you have to be more careful
Simha – The goodness of this period is getting lost because of your own extremes of thinking, you are not appreciating that loss has to be protected and pressures have to be avoided
Day special – Your own involvement can actually bring remarkable rewards for you, it can straightaway give financial rewards abundantly for which your motivation must remain high
Kanya – There are many obstacles in the path which you will have to understand, especially in some hidden manner your funds may get stuck for which you will have to really protect yourself
Do – Routine kind of pressures in your work can bother you, but you have to take it as a challenge and move forward in life, that goodness has to be achieved
Don’t – Don’t be too impulsive in your eating and drinking habits, otherwise you can create health related issues for yourself unnecessarily which need to be protected at this stage
Tula – You may not get the help which you expect from your partners or associates, but still you will have to remain committed and motivated in your work so that you are able to achieve the goodness
Day special – If you help others in a philanthropic manner luck will help you and reward you in return, this is something which will eventually prove to be auspicious and make you a good human being
Vrishchik – You are getting a bit stressed psychologically, but your expectations are also more than what they should be and therefore you have to keep a lot of patience
Do – In matters connected with your own people you have to avoid any kind of stress, you must also understand that you cannot create disputes by your own thinking which may be irrational
Don’t – Don’t also get into any financial issues at this stage, certain expenses are there which have to be accepted as such,
Dhanu – Travels and changes are stressful, but auspiciousness is intact in terms of financial prosperity and that is the goodness which you carry
Day special – On financial matters you have to leave certain things and decisions for others to take, you have to therefore enjoy the goodness which you are getting at this stage as that is also a divine blessing which you are getting
Makar – You are getting somewhat stressed in your personal life, in home and family as well as in financial issues you are dissatisfied
Do – Still this is a period to connect with people or your own loved ones, carrying routine kind of stress and pressures will complicate matters further which is not required
Don’t – Don’t forget that even in some love relationship or in work related situations there can be routine kind of pressures which you will have to face, don’t therefore expect everything to be as smooth as you desire
Kumbh – Your own efforts are reduced and you are not working as much as you should, but at the same time you are expecting that luck will help you and favor you in every step
Day special – In some love relationship there is help in a very auspicious manner, even though you may make mistakes yet the circumstances will become favorable for you in the long run
Meena – Very auspicious period although your expectations are much higher, still on the psychological front you may be distressed especially in relationships as you feel that your goodness is not getting the response which you should get
Do – You have to get goodness by your own making, your actions should be such that you are good to others and you must show that goodness towards others, that is important
Don’t – Don’t think too much and think in terms of extremes, don’t have any selfish motives which may not fulfilled

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