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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday 16 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Weak period in your work and in your involvement, for that reason psychologically also you may be stressed
Do – Protect yourself from unnecessary thoughts for changes and alternatives, that may not help in the long run
Don’t – Don’t also increase your financial outflows as they may convert into losses, lot of patience is needed to maintain the strength of your efforts which are getting reduced
Vrish – Stable and auspicious period but only minor ups and downs are there, for that some amount of regularity needs to be achieved in your overall life
Day special – One way of improving regularity is to improve discipline in your life, only then you will realize that the goodness is intact, as such this period shows reduction of your abilities which need to be improved
Mithun – Mixed period which requires greater care, your own thinking is somewhat weak and negative which is not making you involve to get achievements
Do – Still many things are under control and that is a blessing, but you cannot lose temper at this stage unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t think that alternatives is the answer at this stage, that may not be true
Karka – You may be stressed with colleagues and subordinates, that is why there are ups and downs which are not making you happy
Day special – Luck is also not favoring you in the manner in which you expect, but financial prosperity is intact and that is the best indication of this moment
Simha – Many issues lead to differences of opinion, for that reason personal life needs to be planned in a manner which is more harmonious towards others
Do – Your involvement in work has to be planned so that maximum output is achieved, this must be done with peace and patience and not by getting stressed
Don’t – There are inherent stressful issues in personal relationships, that is why you are feeling stressed psychologically, don’t let any weakness come in that
Kanya – Some love relationship is not shaping in the manner in which you expect, many issues with your elders may come up which may not please you
Day Special – You may be trying to help others but there is some amount of selfishness attached to it, that kind of attitude will not help and it must be changed
Tula – You are uneasy, dissatisfied and not focused, that is why you are losing the goodness of this period unnecessarily
Do – Lot of ups and downs in this period, even on matters connected with differences and conflicts this can be pressurizing, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t plan for any changes or change of place, it may not give you the fulfillment of expectation and it may go waste
Vrishchik – Gains from your efforts as well as from the support of your own people, even some love relationship can prosper
Day special – Lot of goodness is inherently available in this period, even on matters connected with gain of knowledge you will be immensely benefited
Dhanu – Your abilities will shine and your performance will give you the rewards, you will also get the happiness in your personal life which you are working for
Do – Indirectly this period is motivating you to achieve much more in life, you have to stay connected with that goodness and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t forget that the overall auspiciousness is with you, you have to get the advantage of that goodness abundantly for which you have to remain connected with your own people, don’t forget that
Makar – Stable and auspicious period as you are doing well, from your side you have done so much for others and that is the goodness which you carry
Day special – Your wastages and expenses can still bother you, for that you have to plan well and plan with positive thinking
Kumbh – You have to speak well to others as only then you can control some of your pressures, and you will be able to do that easily with a little bit of effort
Do – Financial position is stable and you will be happy, in fact this stability will help you to control other areas of life also side by side
Don’t – Don’t forget the need to protect yourself from unnecessary differences, that can spoil your work stability unnecessarily and don’t let that happen
Meena – Money is important and planning is more important, unplanned ways can lead to problems as you are not being far sighted
Day special – Any impulsive behavior or decision connected with work can prove to be detrimental, you can harm yourself by taking certain decisions of extremes which you should not take

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