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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday 13 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your own people, that is why you are getting into difficulties also side by side
Day special – For that reason you are getting into unnecessary differences again and again, psychologically you have to be more at peace and only then these issues can be resolved
Vrish – Alternatives or changes may not prove to be advantageous, whereas your own involvement can still improve the situation drastically
Do – Generally luck is supporting you and protecting you, you will therefore not go wrong unnecessarily and for that reason you have to remain aware
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for any travels or changes which are not required at this stage, you have to therefore plan well and judiciously so that you do not go wrong
Mithun – Some financial issues may convert into differences or disputes, that may upset you psychologically also as it can indirectly cause problems
Day special – The pressures in your home and family or with your own people can arise, the linkages are connected with money and therefore you have to protect yourself
Karka – The goodness is not giving you any great happiness and therefore it is an average period, but you have to try and locate that goodness in your life in people and situations around you
Do – If you remain connected with people around you, you will be benefited, everyday cannot give you goodness and everyday cannot give you gains
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your involvements get reduced, you have to stay committed and focused in whatever you are doing, that is important to understand
Simha – Weak period in many ways, your psychological make up is complicating those issues and making you more and more worried
Day special – Some carelessness in your eating and drinking habits can also cause health related upsets, for that reason also it is required that you moderate your thoughts and your actions
Kanya – You may not be as happy with your friends or with your well wishers, that is why you are finding stress and pressures at every step at this stage
Do – Still this is a period in which some love relationship has to be given importance, that can provide the necessary happiness which you require at this stage in the form of emotional support which you want
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people may not agree with your views, that is why there are differences of opinion but that is something for which you will have to constantly involve, don’t forget that unexpected upsets can cause financial problems also, therefore your work has to be protected to maintain that stability
Tula – Changes may not be as stable or lucrative as you want, for that reason don’t unnecessarily plan for change of place as it may not prove to be advantageous
Day special – Maintaining stability in life is more important, but the effort to ascertain the facts of options or alternatives before you is also important
Vrishchik – Your own attitude is somewhat negative, that is creating the stress and pressures which you are facing at this stage
Do – Your own efforts are unstable and there is irregularity in that, that is why the rewards are also not regular
Don’t – Don’t forget that still the overall pattern is stable and there is nothing adverse, you have to involve in a manner that people around you continue to look at that goodness which you have, don’t forget that
Dhanu – Changes or big decisions have to be avoided, that can unnecessarily put lot of pressure on you which is not required at this stage
Day special – Your involvement in thoughts, words and actions must stay connected with your work, for that reason you will have to remain committed and motivated
Makar – Home and family related issues do not satisfy you, indirectly for that reason you are not happy with your financial position also,
Do – That is a bigger reality which you will have to accept, God is kind to you in several ways for which you will have to try and find satisfaction in all that goodness which you have
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the goodness of relationships or friendships which you are likely to have at this stage, someone who cares for you can prove to be supportive psychologically and prove to be a true friend
Kumbh – Your own efforts are reduced and it is not a good showing, psychologically your mind is not at peace and it is wandering here and there
Day special – For that reason you are creating lot of stress and obstacles for yourself, those are not really required if you stay calm and peaceful in your mind
Meena – Luck may not favor you as much as your own efforts can, this period is therefore education to you to learn and understand as to what the life is all about
Do – Take care of others as you have to help others in moments of distress
Don’t – Don’t forget that by doing good to others some pressures or stress will be created on you also, it can be in the form of time or money or both, but don’t run away from the responsibilities which you have to fulfill

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