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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday 30 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are creating stress for yourself with your own thinking, you have many thoughts of work, finances as well as your family life on your mind which is causing this distress
Do – Patience is the key word at this stage, you cannot think too much and think negatively at the same time, that is not going to help
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period can be helpful in certain ways, if you talk to others discuss your matters or communicate with them it will help you overcome your problems
Vrish – If you take your thoughts forward to fulfill your dreams this is the period to do so, especially in some love relationship this can prove to be advantageous
Day special – Fulfillment of your desires or dreams is one thing in life, but it should not be at the cost of creating misunderstandings with others, that should be avoided
Mithun – If you wish to invest in some property or in some savings then it can be beneficial, normal obstacles may be witnessed but those will also be resolved amicably
Do – This is also a period to take care of your won people, in the process you will get lot of happiness and advantage in return which will help you in future also
Don’t – Don’t give too much importance to money at this stage, your own goodness is more important to be increased as that will give you the long term advantage also
Karka – You are highly motivated to work hard now, despite obstacles you have decided to fulfill your dreams with your own efforts
Day special – In this process you are even inclined to take pragmatic decisions connected with your work, these small efforts over a period of time will give you the advantage which you wish to achieve
Simha – Wastages are on your mind and you are not able to control them, but lot of goodness is now gradually appearing which is likely to protect you from this impulsiveness
Do – In any kind of discussion you have to show your patience, that will overcome many of the disadvantages which you have faced in the past
Don’t – Don’t let any stress appear in your family life or marital life, a lot of peace and patience is required which will prove to be supportive to you in your work related efforts also
Kanya – Financial angle is well placed and you will be benefited, even by raising some loans you will be able to fulfill your needs at this stage
Day Special – Routine kind of issues can still bother you for a while, but that is more of a reality which you will have to accept as everything around you cannot move as per your desires only
Tula – You are very keen to think of alternatives or changes in life, especially in work related matters your thoughts are in that direction
Do – Any thought can be favorable if combined with your abilities and efforts, but in this period you are reducing your abilities and increasing your instability unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t forget that any kind of options at this stage will have many unknown factors for which you are not convinced, don’t therefore move in any unplanned manner with this background
Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you for financial prosperity, but it is also more in the form of repaying your liabilities which you wish to do and that is a good thought
Day special – On financial matters as well as on expenses you have to show lot of carefulness, you cannot waste your money unnecessarily at this stage and for that reason lot of patience is required
Dhanu – Some psychological pressures may be there on your mind, they can be connected with your efforts or with any kind of changes or travels
Do – There is no real substance in any kind of negative thought, stability is important and it is abundantly visible in the background
Don’t – Don’t show instability on whatever you convey or speak, it should be done clearly and without any re-thinking at a later date, don’t therefore spoil your own image with any kind of unstable thoughts
Makar – Relationships within the family will improve, that is the goodness which this period reflects and this is a beginning of happiness for you
Day special – For that reason you have to ignore the deficiencies of others side by side, you must therefore have philanthropic attitude to show your goodness in this period
Kumbh – Certain psychological pressures are there which you have created in your mind, that is leading to unstable views and thoughts unnecessarily which can actually be controlled
Do – Changes will have to be re-considered, you cannot change your views at a later date as that may not be the right thing to do
Don’t – Don’t forget that goodness in relationships is gradually appearing, you have to therefore shed the dissatisfactions which you have carried in the past in this regard, don’t remain pessimistic on account of relationships
Meena – Some love relationship is on your mind, at least you are beginning to convey your thoughts and discuss your issues favorably
Day special – Your communication with others will help the matters, more than what you speak you can possibly convey your thoughts in writing so that there is greater clarity from your side, that is important to understand

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