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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday 28 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Exceedingly good period for your prosperity and for overall support which you will get, that can provide the happiness which you are looking forward to at this stage
Do – Your studies are suffering and you are getting into pressures, there are too many diversions on your mind which need to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that money alone is not enough in life, you will have to constantly involve to achieve in life
Vrish – You are thinking of so many things and trying to take big decisions, in the process you are getting into differences of opinion with your own people also
Week special – On one hand you are gaining from your own people and on the other you are not satisfied with those gains also, you have to find goodness in each situation and try to draw satisfaction from it
Mithun – You may have to go away for your studies and for fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, but more importantly you will have to work hard as that is the indication of the chart also
Do – Your own hard work can make your destiny and that is well indicated, a little bit of involvement can bring enormous rewards for you which you must remember
Don’t – Don’t forget that goodness can be achieved by taking guidance and suggestions from your elders also, this period is supportive for that, don’t ignore their advice
Karka – Funds are required in your work and in your fulfillment of responsibilities, for that reason you will have to keep your day to day pressures under control as only then you can fulfill those needs
Week special – Financial angle is generally stable and well placed, but it still requires efforts and involvement to gain on regular basis, travels may have to be avoided for a while
Simha – The goodness of this period is linked to your own hard work, that can provide excellent avenues which will make you happy
Do – You may still be making certain mistakes connected withy money or investments, lot of carefulness therefore is required in that at this stage also
Don’t – Don’t let your money get stuck because of your unplanned ways, any kind of decision making without proper care and out of impulsiveness can be dangerous
Kanya – The period as such is stable, but your own thinking is making it negative and you are not getting the advantage of the goodness also
Week Special – Be optimistic in life and look forward in life, that is the answer to these forces at this stage
Tula – You are being very chelpful to others and that is a remarkable situation, but in your work related requirements you are not getting the support from people around you which makes you distressed
Do – People around you may not be happy with you as you failed to fulfill your promises
Don’t – Don’t let your finances get into difficulties at this stage, any kind of misunderstandings connected with money have to be avoided
Vrishchik – You may get into unnecessary stress with people in home and family, it can also be connected with the expenses, outflows or losses
Week special – Work is important and that should be your focus, that is where your routine kind of pressures are also under control and that will make you happy
Dhanu – You are not happy in relationships, there are many inherent weaknesses which are not letting the goodness appear
Do – As a result you are also getting into wastages side by side, financial planning is absolutely essential for you to follow at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is supporting you in many ways and that is the factor of stability which you carry, you have to be thankful to God for all these virtues which you are witnessing in the form of divine blessing
Makar – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, but your own thinking is not in line with that goodness and that is why you are not getting the benefit or advantage
Week special – Psychologically if you remain stable and without pressures you will be benefited, you are causing more of distress for yourself with your own thinking whereas the reality is not like that
Kumbh – This period is motivating you in its goodness abundantly, you are also getting the advantage or help from your own people in a big way which can stabilize your life
Do – Certain worries connected with work can still be there, for that you may have to discuss your issues with your associates or partners
Don’t – Don’t push some relationship to far as it may not have the necessary strength to sustain, you will have to wait for the good times for relationships to give you happiness
Meena – Weak period as your dissatisfactions will over take you, that is why you cannot take the decisions under these forces of pressures at this time
Week special – There is a possibility that you may gain even from some disputable situation, but it will lead to more of uneasiness in you rather than happiness and therefore it is better to avoid any kind of pressure or dispute at this stage

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