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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday 16 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Overall prosperity is intact and you will be happy, you are also getting many opportunities to showcase your abilities and to use your strengths in the right direction
Do – Use your energies in the positive direction, take the help of your own people and your loved ones
Don’t – Don’t be unfair to others in any manner, don’t think negatively and don’t harm anybody by your thoughts or actions
Vrish – You are thinking of too many things at the same time, many complex situations can be there to even stress you
Day special – Handle your affairs one at a time, don’t complicate your issues unnecessarily as that will not help, take care of your health it is absolutely essential
Mithun – You will get happiness from some love relationship, but you have too many thoughts and too many options on your mind in terms of relationships
Do – On financial matters you have to be careful as you cannot risk your savings, your own efforts can actually bring lot of betterment for you to improve your financial position
Don’t – Don’t increase your outflows as a result of any confusion or apprehension, think carefully and be truthful to others
Karka – Stable and auspicious period and you will be able to use your money in the right direction, funds are needed for work and you will be able to accomplish that
Day special – A sense of dissatisfaction may be on your mind, that can be improved only by increasing your knowledge and using that knowledge in the right direction, make an attempt
Simha – Your own motivation can prove to be highly auspicious, but by doing so you cannot take big decisions which can prove to be disadvantageous
Do – Luck may not favor you as much but your own efforts can prove to be highly positive, in the process your overall prosperity will improve also
Don’t – Don’t forget that the work related advantages are linked to your own efforts, that is where your motivation must remain intact
Kanya – Generally stable and good period, but you have complicated your life with many issues at this stage, lot of peace is required
Day Special – You are yourself getting into routine kind of pressure and stress, you have to de-stress yourself first as only then rational thinking will emerge
Tula – Generally protective period as there is nothing adverse, but your expectation of help from others is very high and may not be met
Do – You have to be philanthropic in your attitude, that is the indication of this period with which you have to stay connected
Don’t – Your wastages are indicated for which you will have to protect yourself, don’t therefore be too impulsive to commit anything which can lead to your own pressures
Vrishchik – Stress in home and family as well as on account of finances must be controlled, that is the factor which comes to focus and which must be given due importance
Day special – Lack of understanding, lack of diagnosis can be the reason for health related issues, you will have to give lot of care towards that also, don’t forget that
Dhanu – Financial matters need to be handled more carefully now, even where your expenses have to be made you have to show some restraint
Do – Your own abilities and knowledge must shine, for that you have to constantly strive as there are inherent weaknesses in that
Don’t – Don’t forget that psychologically you will have to remain upbeat, that is the most important factor to be given importance at this stage
Makar – Extremely auspicious period as your abilities and work will compliment each other, you will draw happiness in the bargain
Day special – You will have to be careful with what is happening at your back, your boss may have adverse views for which you will have to be careful
Kumbh – The auspiciousness of this period motivates you further, you have the ability to do a lot and to accomplish a lot
Do – Your own views show lot of instability and that is why you are not able to achieve much, the goodness still is intact
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust in some love relationship, even in your own ability to perform don’t doubt your own abilities
Meena – There can be inherent obstacles in whatever you do, but you have the ability to speak well and discuss well
Day special – Put your thoughts forward clearly and convey them to your advantage, people will listen and will understand you, that will solve many problems

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