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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday 2 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you may be trying to work hard and to improve your life style, but you are not satisfied with the results of your efforts, actually your own efforts are not up to the mark.
Do – you need to improve your focus especially towards your career, for that there is need for you to maintain stability and not look out for any big changes in life
Don’t – don’t get into differences of opinion with your boss as that is not recommended, that can be on account of lack of your knowledge or performance and that need to be improved don’t ignore that
Vrish – luck may not favour you as much as you want, for that reasons the financial pressures are also there which may not make you happy.
Day special – the most important aspect is that your career is stable and that is a blessing, you need to devote your energy and time towards that and forget everything else.
Mithun – you are actually creating pressure in your life because of your negativity thinking, in your personal relationship as well in your marriage this needs to be improved.
Do – first and foremost thing is to remove the uneasiness out of your mind; this is more of a mind set in a negative way which is causing pressures,
Don’t – for that reason you are becoming dissatisfied with your professional career also, you may be inclined to involve fully but by your own thinking you are creating obstacles in that path, don’t let that happen.
Karka – you are carrying doubts about your own people and that is creating stress in your personal life, this is especially true for overall relationship as well as your marital relationship.
Day special – you must look at the virtues which are available at this stage, your family is very supportive to you and your financial position is excellent then why do you think so negatively.
Simha – health is a concern which you are not realizing, for getting that you are more worried for your finances and getting depressed.
Do – the strength of this period lies in the auspiciousness of this period which protects you immensely, in many weak areas like relationship and finances you will still remain protected, that is important
Don’t – don’t still put your money into any kind of risk, even if three is protection it is not wise to take chances and then suffer on account of loses, don’t let that happen
Kanya –career is weak and that is not making you happy, for that reason you are not satisfied with your partner as well in your relationship.
Day special – talking more about relationship you are not satisfied because you are not able to trust others, but you yourself at fault because you are continuously thinking negatively about others and that is where the problem lies
Tula –your expectations from your own people and family is very high, and you are not satisfied with the response of your own people towards you.
Do – for that reason your thinking is becoming that luck is not supporting you and you feel agitated, I feel that is just made up in your mind and you have to reassess the situation.
Don’t – don’t be negative in your attitude for your own people, actually it can increase the differences and mutual harmony; don’t let that happen as it is not advantages.
Vrishchik –there are certain moments in life when you not in mood to do any thing, this is possible one such period when you are not performing fully and also not satisfied with what you are doing.
Day special – somehow there is some kind of lack of planning which is overpowering you, you have to remain more optimistic in life as you have many challenges to face.
Dhanu – you may not be as happy about your finances as you want, you think that it may not be possible to save any money and that is one pressure which is on your mind,
Do – stay connected with people around you and stay positive, optimistic view point at this stage will actually help you to improve your own performance,
Don’t – don’t show any displeasures towards others in whatever you speak, that can actually put further pressures upon you, for that reason don’t loose your temper also.
Makar – health is a concern which can possibly upset you, you need to be more aware of this so that proper care is taken by you with regularity,
Day special – you are also not very happy with your own loved ones, there can be some differences of opinion which is brewing and which needs to be handled better, you can not be critical about other’s views and actions, don’t find fault in people around you.
Kumbh –relationships are under stress and you are no t happy about it, it can actually increase distance and cause separation, you have to therefore be very careful so that nothing spoils the relationship at this stage.
Do – try to understand other person’s point of view to avoid differences of opinion, from your side you are trying to reach out others and that is remarkable
Don’t – don’t let any stress appear because of your own thinking, for that reason you are risking your own money which is not required, don’t let that happen.
Meena –on one hand you are not taking proper care of your family, on other hand you are not satisfied with your finances and getting in to disputes for that reason, both ways you need to improve your own thinking so that you are positive in your attitude towards others
Day special – don’t risk your money unnecessarily in to any ventures which can lead to loss, involve better towards your family and towards your own peoples, by improving relations you will be able improve your happiness in life, try to do that.

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