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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 13 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are being very practical in your approach and that is the goodness which you carry, but still there are many ups and downs because of which you are getting into unnecessary debate and differences
Day special – Especially on matters connected with work and finances you need to be careful, even in some love relationship you are getting away and that shows your own mistakes
Vrish – Excellent period as the support and help is abundantly available, you are able to address your deficiencies at this stage
Do – Some weaknesses have been there in your abilities and performance, and you are determined to address those weaknesses which can pave the way for goodness
Don’t – Don’t show any selfish desires in your interaction with others, also don’t convey that you are dissatisfied as that can lead to verbal arguments at this stage
Mithun – Many things are going on side by side, but largely luck is favoring you to fulfill your desires and to achieve your dreams
Day special – Routine kind of obstacles are also indicated side by side, there are factors which show instability on day to day basis, but your own hard work can actually work wonders and give you progress side by side
Karka – You need to show to others as to what you can do and achieve, there have been recent instances in which your abilities have not been appreciated
Do – Now the time has come to change all that, your interaction with people who are important can show in better light
Don’t – Don’t let unnecessary pressures arise in your personal life, those have to be handled with patience and with mutual understanding
Simha – You are keen to take financial help or even loans at this stage, this is to meet your ever increasing expenses or demands which you have at this stage
Day special – Indirectly it is showing that you have many wasteful ways and unplanned attitude, but psychologically you have to realize this important first and then improvement can be achieved
Kanya – In some love relationship there are too many ups and downs which you are facing, from your side also you are becoming too critical in your approach and getting into self-created pressures
Do – Efforts have to start from your personal life, you have to make yourself peaceful and only then other things can be addressed,
Don’t – Don’t ignore that there are many hidden factors at your work place, they are causing indirect stress for you and many things are going on at your back
Tula – Wastages and losses are indicated, change of place or pressures are not making you happy
Day special – All these factors need to be controlled as psychologically it is making you stressed, in financial matters as well as in issues connected with boss a bit of patience at this stage will help
Vrishchik – Overall rewards are continuing but there are too many ups and downs which you have to face at this stage, your dependence on your knowledge will help you eventually to cross the pressures of this period
Do – Your own people can be very supportive and helpful at this stage, there is need to connect with your own people to avoid the unnecessary hidden pressures on that count
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are important to you, but they cannot be more important than the responsibilities which you have at this stage
Dhanu – Work is becoming more and more important to you although your regularity is not up to the mark, you also have to fulfill more of your time and efforts for your personal responsibilities in home and family
Day special – You have to balance your time and energies at this stage, but in all this effort luck is with you and you will be a winner
Makar – Abundantly auspicious period in many ways, your constant involvement is the reason for your success at this stage
Do – Changes, travels or alternatives can be a bit upsetting, you are not fully convinced with whatever is appearing before you choose your path
Don’t – This is a period to prove your worth and your abilities, don’t therefore lose any chance to showcase as to what you are capable of doing
Kumbh – Hidden pressures are there in many ways, they include some amount of routine stress which causes hindrances in the smooth flow of things for you
Day special – Discussions with your own people can prove to be advantageous, even in controlling those routine issues of stressful relationships there can be answers which can be found with this effort
Meena – You have to reach out to your own people with help, advice, gifts so that you are able to make others happy, but wastages need to be controlled while trying to please others
Do – There is need for you to control the upsetting issues connected with your work, even in personal relationships care is needed
Don’t – In relationships particularly don’t expect luck to favor you at this stage, there are inherent factors which can cause differences of opinion which need to be handled, health is also an issue and don’t ignore that

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