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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thursday 15 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Have trust in your own abilities and you can achieve a lot, that will provide the motivation to be good to others and to make your own people happy also
Day special – There is need for you to discuss your matters with your own people to resolve the differences, don’t ignore this advice as it can actually bring indirect goodness in your work also
Vrish – You may not be happy with your financial position but that is a reality which you have created for yourself, you are yourself responsible for the pressures of expenses, losses or wastages
Do – Extreme care is required to plan your actions and plan your life side by side, you cannot be too impulsive and at the same time blame others for what happens with you
Don’t – Don’t forget that this kind of thinking is having its negative impact on your own efforts and performance, you have to therefore understand the bigger implications behind this, don’t forget that
Mithun – You are carrying too many thoughts on your mind which makes your thinking very complicated, that is the reason that you are not happy with your financial situation as well as your savings
Day special – Circumstances are getting built in which your own efforts can start giving you enormous rewards, by realizing this goodness you can actually plan your efforts in a manner which can be fruitful to you
Karka – Someone may cheat you or do things at your back which may be detrimental to your interests, but you carry lot of goodness at this stage which can prove to be advantageous to you side by side
Do – Your own involvement and focus towards work is remarkable, that does not mean that everything is perfectly placed, you need to do much more at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own abilities have to improve to give you the best rewards, that should be the overall factor which can guide your path and your destiny at this stage
Simha – God is kind to give you the prosperity which you have at this stage, but you are not satisfied because your expectations are rather high and that is why you are depending on luck
Day special – Remember that depending on luck at this stage can lead to losses for you, taking loans to meet your needs can also be counter-productive at this stage, you have to refrain from that
Kanya – Work related pressures can be immense and you can be uneasy for that, for that reason you may even think as to whether the path which you are moving is the right one or not
Do – Any effort or any plan connected with financial investment should be taken with care, your money should not get into difficulties by your actions
Don’t – Don’t also plan for any major changes or major decisions at this stage, don’t therefore be careless in financial issues at this stage, lack of planning and wastages put together can complicate the matters for you, don’t let that happen
Tula – Luck may favor you and you may be benefited, that is the overall goodness with which this period is shaping up for you to make you happy
Day special – On work related matters you can take the help and guidance of others, you can actually plan your moves in a manner in which you connect with people and then get the advantage in the process
Vrishchik – Weak period as there can be many hidden factors bothering you, there are intrigues against you which are trying to harm you and your interests
Do – Psychologically you have to remain upbeat and not be bothered about these developments, life is a mix of good and bad and you have to take everything in your stride
Don’t – Don’t become too negative or bitter in your attitude with the developments, don’t also get into unnecessary discussions or arguments to prove your point,
Dhanu – In personal relationships you have to be more open and transparent, whereas that kind of transparency is not being achieved by you from other people
Day special – You must remember that your overall relationships will have to be protected, that is possible if you remain honest and devoted in whatever you are trying to do, that will help you immensely
Makar – Some personal issues may be there which can bother you, they can lead to dissatisfaction and lack of trust which needs to be protected
Do – In home and family you have to show a lot of goodness towards others, that can actually shape up in a favorable manner and that can bring happiness to you which you deserve
Don’t – Don’t
Kumbh – In personal relationships or in some love relationship there can be upsets, your expectations are high and the progress is not there in that sense
Day special – Your own efforts and your own involvement is lacking, that is why the circumstances are becoming more and more stressful in which differences are appearing
Meena – You will have to convey your feelings to resolve your issues, but unfortunately the situation is becoming more and more problematic because you are being too selfish
Do – Goodness can be achieved with patience and not with force, you will have to trust others so that others are able to respect you
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are being too pushy at this stage which can lead to more and more complications, don’t therefore take any forceful decisions which can lead to stress and loss for you

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