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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday 29 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Very lucky period for financial prosperity, but you are not able to control your outflows and that is where the problem lies
Day special – Still your involvement with others will solve many of your problems, you have the ability to speak well and to discuss your problems pragmatically, that is going to help you at this stage
Vrish – Your financial needs will be fulfilled and there is no problem on that, but your work related matters are getting complicated because you are thinking negatively about them
Do – On account of your own forcefulness you have to avoid getting into unnecessary disputes, patience and mildness will bring you the achievements which you wish to achieve, that is important
Don’t – Don’t forget that every situation has some pressures attached to it, even in the best of situations you have to remember that there is need for involvement and that guides us in life
Mithun – Generally stable period with no problems as such, but you are taking too many big decisions in a slightly rigid manner
Day special – There is no harm in taking those decisions in that manner, but there is a need for carefulness and lot of planning as that can bring the desired results, that is important to do
Karka – Somewhat weak period as there can be many obstacles in the process, in home and in personal life you have to avoid any issues which may lead to those obstacles
Do – Your resolve to stay connected with your own people can bring lot of rewards for you, that can provide the cushion which you require at this stage and that factor is well placed
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck may not favor you as much as you desire, for that reason your own thinking should become optimistic by shedding unnecessary negative thoughts which you carry, don’t go wrong on these small issues as they are important
Simha – You have to connect with others as that can bring you the goodness, even in relationships you will have to avoid those obstacles by taking the guidance and help which others can give you
Day special – This is a highly motivating period for you to move ahead in life, that goodness can actually bring rewards in many ways including financial rewards as well
Kanya – In whatever you think or you speak you are creating stress and obstacles, you must understand that being forceful is a good thing but you cannot impose your views on others
Do – You can give your views and leave the decisions to be taken by others, by doing so you will be avoiding the mistakes which are inherently indicated at this stage
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into any kind of differences which can complicate the matters, the goodness of this period must be maintained to avoid these unnecessary mistakes
Tula – Some relationships are on your mind and you want to communicate with them properly, you have to resolve the differences which have been there for a while at this stage
Day special – Your own forcefulness should not become your obstacles, you have to therefore give importance to the views of others even where you know that others are being unfair and unrealistic
Vrishchik – Abundantly stable and auspicious period for you, despite your mental stress there are many things which are under control and which will remain under control
Do – Be peaceful and there will be nothing adverse, far off linkages can develop to help you and to guide you in the process
Don’t – Don’t forget that a period is gradually emerging in which some love relationship will become vibrant again, but don’t forget that you will have to do some serious thinking as to which path you have to take
Dhanu – This period is motivating you immensely, financial gains are on your mind and you are motivated in the right direction to actually work hard
Day special – If you try and repay some of your loans your overall financial position can become better, for that reason lot of careful financial planning is required by you at this stage
Makar – Financial prosperity is indicated and there are many linkages to that, your work is growing and that is remarkable
Do – Some travels may be on your mind but you are confused about that, still those can be financially rewarding to you
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own knowledge needs to be improved at this stage, you have the ability but you have to use that ability in the right direction
Kumbh – Abundantly auspicious period in many ways, luck is favoring you and nothing can be better than this
Day special – Psychologically you are upbeat and that can protect you from many pressures side by side, your own people will also immensely benefit from these good times which you are passing
Meena – You are creating stress and pressures for yourself, you are thinking of many things at the same time and creating obstacles in the smooth flow of things
Do – Patience is the key word at this stage, you may be convinced or motivated to move on a path, but there are many hidden factors which may have problems attached to them
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are complicating your matters by your own thinking, a lot of planning is actually required for you to take your decisions pragmatically especially connected with your work, don’t therefore be impulsive at this stage and make mistakes

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