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Friday, April 9, 2010

Saturday 10 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Luck is favoring you immensely but you are still blaming your luck, this is nothing but your own dissatisfaction which is showing
Do – On financial matters you have to take the advantage of these good times, but there are certain essential expenses towards your own people which have to be met
Don’t – Don’t blame others if there are moments of differences, these are based on the ups and downs of your own thinking which needs to be controlled
Vrish – You will be able to fulfill the needs of your work and the requirements of your finances, that goodness will help and support you in many ways to achieve the path of progress and happiness
Day special – Still there are moments of your dissatisfactions which can play its negative role, if you protect yourself from that you will be protecting the oppositions from others and financial dissatisfactions also
Mithun – Luck is favoring in many ways, it is providing you the stability in your career and the support from your own people in abundance
Do – Still you are dissatisfied with your own people as your expectations are high, that is why you are not able to draw the goodness of this period fully
Don’t – Don’t have unstable thoughts for your own well wishers, that is in the form of being thankless to them for the goodness which they give you
Karka – You sometimes think that you are not well from inside, that is why you remain worried and that leads to uneasiness in relationships also
Day special – You have to look at the goodness of each period, the goodness of this period reflects in a manner that even obstacles are motivating you to work hard, with that kind of mindset you can achieve a lot
Simha – Relationships are on your mind and you want to fulfill your desires at any cost, for that reason you are a little dissatisfied also as you are not able to trust others fully
Do – Trust is the backbone of any relationship to prosper and to progress, if that is lacking then nothing can really be achieved, you will have to think about that
Don’t – Don’t forget that in family life there are certain inherent issues which are going on, but you are yourself responsible for them and you cannot blame others
Kanya – If you stay calm then a lot of happiness in family can be achieved, but routine matters continue to stress you which is not looking very good
Day Special – Lack of trust for your own people is the cause for your uneasiness and dissatisfaction, that is why you remain confused and stressed all the time
Tula – You have the ability in abundance but you are not using that ability fully, you have to study well and make your destiny for which you will have to work hard
Do – You have to remove the dissatisfactions from your mind as that is the biggest culprit at this stage, you have to trust your own abilities in this process
Don’t – Don’t forget that stress and pressures in relationships can come in many ways, there are times when you are away from your own loved ones and that is not a happy situation, but don’t be too uneasy as that is not going to solve your problems
Vrishchik – Certain worries and apprehensions of financial angle are on your mind, that is why you are a bit confused also and not able to concentrate on your life fully
Day special – Uneasiness and instability may be there, but that does not mean that everything is wrong, God is kind in many ways to give you the regularity which is required
Dhanu – There are two ways to handle your issues at this stage, either you can remain dissatisfied and spoil your focus, or you can remain motivated and work hard despite your dissatisfactions, the choice is yours
Do – You have to keep your psychological uneasiness under control, then you will see that there is nothing really wrong for which you should be unnecessarily distressed
Don’t – Don’t forget that each one of us in this world has to work hard to achieve our goals, there may be inherent deficiencies in your abilities but those can be improved with your regular involvement,
Makar – On financial matters you will have to control your unplanned ways, more so when it is in the form of uneasiness that you are impulsive in spending
Day special – Generally luck is with you to handle your affairs well, you will have to show that goodness towards others in whatever you speak or whatever you do
Kumbh – Financial angle is stable and you should generally be happy, but you are not as satisfied with your inflows as you think that your abilities are much more
Do – Generally you have the motivation with you all the time, but your lack of regularity is causing the pressures which need to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related matters need more input, that can solve many problems and can help you to move faster in life
Meena – Work related dissatisfactions force you to think about alternatives, but in any state of uneasiness such decisions should not be taken
Day special – You will have to take the help and advice of others, that can guide you to take the right decisions at this moment, your well wishers and elders can come to your rescue

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