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Friday, April 2, 2010

Saturday 3 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –This is a stressful period as you are getting into more and more pressures, work as well as financial issues are more on your mind which depress you
Day special – Psychologically also you are not happy, even in personal life you have created similar pressures for yourself which are not looking good
Vrish – Abundant protection is there and continuity of goodness is there for you, but you are still not satisfied on account of various reasons
Do – Your own efforts and involvement is less than what it should be, changes or alternatives are not shaping up in the manner in which you expect, that is not making you happy
Don’t – Don’t therefore push your thoughts or agenda so much at this stage, have patience and try to maintain stability, don’t look for major changes at this stage
Mithun – Lot of auspiciousness is still there which gives you gains in life, but many of these gains are getting lost because you are a bit careless
Day special – Psychologically this period makes you stressed, you may get into unnecessary issues and psychological conflicts which make you dissatisfied, you will have to keep a lot of patience in this process
Karka – This period is motivating you, even pressures are guiding you to work hard so that you are benefited
Do – You have to devote more time and energy to make your relationships vibrant, there is lot of weakness which is creating stress all the time,
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be many hidden factors side by side, any situation must have its inherent strength otherwise you cannot reach very far, don’t forget these hidden forces and take your decisions accordingly
Simha – Certain issues in your life may lead to unnecessary discussions or arguments, even in home or family there may be pressures which you may have to face
Day special – In this entire process don’t become a loner, don’t get away from your own people unnecessarily, protect yourself and connect with people to understand the situation better
Kanya – Whether in performing your duties or in interacting with people you have to maintain lot of stability, unnecessary ups and downs of your own thinking can harm you or show you in poor light
Do – This period is reducing your own efforts and performance, this is also leading to unnecessary depression on your mind which needs to be protected
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your routine issues get complicated, even if there are pressures take it as a challenge so that you do not go wrong
Tula – Weakness is there in the form of changes or change of place, that situation is not giving you stability and psychologically you are not as happy
Day special – You have to meet your needs and you have to fulfill your responsibilities, for that reason some funds have to be arranged which is giving you lot of pressure
Vrishchik – Your own hard work can actually benefit you but you need to inculcate a lot of regularity in it, for that reason psychologically you have to remain upbeat as only then you can gain from this situation
Do – Psychologically you must remain very optimistic, this is the hidden factor which will help you immensely
Don’t – Don’t forget that more than luck it is your own hard work and abilities which are driving your life at this stage, but in the process you are getting benefited also indirectly, don’t forget that
Dhanu – Your own abilities are remarkable and you have to start thinking about that all over again, somehow psychologically you have to make yourself more positive in your approach as that can give you a lot of betterment in life
Day special – Far off linkages are continuing to be stressful and you are uneasy, but it is a situation wherein you have to keep your peace and patience as there are many things which are not in your hands
Makar – Goodness is there abundantly and luck is favoring you immensely, on financial matters however you may be a little uneasy or depressed which is not helping you in any way
Do – You have to do so much more for others, whereas you are not realizing that essential requirement of your life
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial matters need to be handled more carefully, especially in your outflows you cannot remain uneasy and make mistakes in the process
Kumbh – Many factors are there which cause pressures or hidden obstacles, there are ups and downs of your financial pressures also side by side in which expenses or losses may bother you
Day special – Most important aspect is that you have to improve your work excellence, once that is improved other things will follow and the situation will become stable
Meena – You have to understand the needs of people around you, that will include your own people and your loved ones also
Do – There are deficiencies and weaknesses in any process leading to love relationship, these are the factors which are not as well placed as you expect
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect magic in your day to day affairs, your dissatisfactions have to be accepted as a reality as only then you can bring about stability in your life, that is important to understand

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