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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday 26 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are inclined to find fault in others, that is why you may not get along with people around you at this stage
Do – Lot of peace and carefulness is required, there is need to become mild in your approach and think rationally
Don’t – For that matter don’t show instability in your work or for your financial decisions, getting into unnecessary disputes can lead to your own loss which needs to be protected
Vrish – If you work hard you can actually improve your future prospects, your focus is dependent on your self-confidence which is remarkable at this stage
Day special – Even if you have to consider many options at this stage it may be advantageous, for studies or for your work if you are considering change of place then you will have to ascertain the situation carefully to arrive at the right decisions
Mithun – You are very keen to invest or to help your own people financially, but you will have to be careful about your pressures and obstacles side by side
Do – Your expenses also are increasing which are causing pressures, for all these reasons you are not able to save also as much as you want
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people can be highly supportive and helpful to you at this stage, your involvement and care in mutual relationships will provide the happiness which you want
Karka – This period is motivating you in the face of adversaries, for that reason you are motivated to really work hard at this stage and to improve your overall focus towards life
Day special – Your needs and responsibilities are high but they will be met adequately, for that reason your financial inflows are also improving which will fulfill those responsibilities in a stable manner
Simha – You are trying to gain against all odds, circumstances are placed in a manner that you will be benefited in many ways and luck may also help you and support you
Do –Your entire involvement is based on your own self-confidence, that is the goodness with which you are taking your life forward and that can be a remarkable situation
Don’t – Don’t forget that your work can reward you immensely, your own hard work can improve the situation and take you to greater heights in your life, don’t forget that all this goodness is available to you in the form of divine blessing
Kanya – Financial rewards are coming to you but you are being careless also, you have to plan in a manner in which you avoid mistakes
Day Special – Luck is favoring you but your own efforts are not showing and that is why the pressures are there, you have to do your part and only then the picture can be filled with all the vibrant colors
Tula – You are thinking about alternatives and constantly focusing on that thought only, so much so that you are threatening the stability of your life also side by side
Do – Consider all options and change your plans if you think that you have gone wrong, that is the right approach at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial inflows can be stable, but your savings may not be enough to fulfill your needs at this stage as your funds requirement can be very high
Vrishchik – Luck is supporting you in your efforts at this stage, overall help and guidance is also available to you and your own people are now appreciating your views
Day special – While work related situation is stable routine kind of pressures are immense, you will have to therefore understand the complications connected with stress and differences which may be going side by side
Dhanu – Psychological issues need to be controlled, you have to depend on your own abilities which are remarkably placed, that will help
Do – Some linkages of relationships can be very supportive and auspicious, that is the reason that you can take your life forward at this stage and draw a lot of happiness
Don’t – Don’t get into any thinking of major changes, they may not provide the expected results and you may be distressed in the bargain,
Makar – Stress and pressures in home and family need to be avoided, however strong your love relationship may be you will have to understand that you have responsibilities to fulfill
Day special – Stress and pressures in home and family must be avoided, remember that the stability of your life is more important than moving forward to fulfill your dreams at this stage
Kumbh – Psychological issues need to be sorted out and many factors need to be handled with patience, that is the effort which you should have in which your unstable thoughts must be controlled
Do – Keep patience and you will realize that many things will sort out slowly, your own thinking should be such that you show lot of maturity and pragmatism at this stage
Don’t – Don’t complicate your personal life with undue stress and pressures, look at the goodness which your own people can provide as there is lot of hidden happiness available to you from that angle
Meena – You may be wanting to take your relationship to the next level, but there are many forces which are not supportive to you at this stage and you may be worried for those reasons
Day special – You are thinking too much and thinking in terms of extremes, you will have to be very careful in what you do or plan as your own decisions will be important at this stage

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