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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday 12 April 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You can benefit with your proper planning immensely, even if you are looking for major decisions they will have to be taken with lot of thoughtfulness and care
Do – There may be deficiencies in your knowledge and skills to implement your plans, that is where you will have to understand the expectations which you will have to deliver
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are being watched under a scanner, your boss may be viewing your performance for which you have to make yourself more optimistic and able
Vrish – Your financial position can prove to be beneficial to you, that will lead to the fulfillment of your expected needs for funds
Day special – Your elders or superiors may not approve of various plans which you may have on your mind, especially where your expenses or investments are likely to be increased
Mithun – Auspiciousness of this period reflects in various ways, your own efforts and hard work will lead to improvement and growth which you expect
Do – For that matter your own people, your partners, your associates will all be supportive in this effort, even where there is need to plan by proper discussion your views will be appreciated
Don’t – Don’t have lack of trust for others as it can spoil the goodness of this period, you can actually achieve much more if you have trust in yourself and in others at this stage
Karka – Luck may not help you as much as you want, but there are various factors especially connected with your personal life which can prove to be helpful
Day special – Your family can be a big support to you, the strength of their advice and funds can prove to be lucky for you, but you will have to take care of your health
Simha – Inherent problems in some love relationship can actually bother you, but it is still a period which is taking you forward despite certain pressures and obstacles
Do – If you make yourself peaceful then you can achieve much more, your own instability of your mind is reducing the goodness of this period for which you need to protect yourself
Don’t – Don’t be too forceful or rigid in your thoughts, by doing so you are making lot of mistakes and that is possibly leading to pressures in your personal life side by side
Kanya – Plans connected with home, family or partners may go wrong, you may be very nice to others but this period can lead to unnecessary pressures and differences of opinion
Day Special – For all these reasons routine kind of pressures can be more and those can bother you to some extent, by saying so I am not saying that the period is adverse, but you will have to be more aware and proactive in handling these affairs so that you are able to achieve the best
Tula – Stressful psychological behavior can reduce your own efforts and performance, that is the reason that you cannot get into any financial disputes also at this stage
Do – Matters connected with your knowledge or your work need to be handled with patience, even in matters connected with your boss, your performance, your appraisal, etc. you have to remain peaceful and not spoil your mood
Don’t – On work related matters don’t expect any great help from others, you do your duty by being nice to others and don’t expect anything in return
Vrishchik – Abundantly good period for you to connect with your own people, even in some love relationship may be appearing which may have connections with your work place
Day special – From your side you cannot be unfair to others or think negatively about others, if you protect yourself from that indication then you can actually bring about a better harmony in your life which is required
Dhanu – This period is auspicious in a different way, it is helping you to achieve your goals and to think rationally
Do – Side by side the auspiciousness is intact related to your own people, you have to therefore obtain the goodness of this period and find happiness in the bargain
Don’t – Largely this is a period which must be utilized beneficially, but by doing so you will have to be very careful with what your boss thinks about you and therefore you have to understand the hidden feelings some where
Kumbh – Financial prosperity is intact and nothing can be better than that, even the support and help which others can give you at this stage can bring a lot of auspiciousness for you in the bargain
Do – Speak well to others and convey that goodness abundantly, for that reason try to become a good human being which you are and show that goodness for others to benefit
Don’t – In any discussion or argument you have to understand the views of others so that it does not lead to conflicts, despite the goodness a little bit of carefulness at this stage can prove to be helpful, don’t let your wastages be the cause of financial upsets in any manner, especially in matters where you have to trust others for financial decisions
Meena – You are getting away from people and that is not looking good, you have to in fact connect with people in a manner that you are able to convey your thoughts and spread that goodness for others
Day special – In some love relationship your discussions can prove to be negative, you will have to be very careful in what you speak otherwise your views may be misunderstood, that is where some protection is needed

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