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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday 20 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your uneasiness is causing differences of opinion also, for that reason you are not able to appreciate the other person’s viewpoint at this stage
Do – Indirectly your health is also a cause for concern, you have to remain optimistic at this stage and you have to see goodness in every situation around you
Don’t – Don’t carry a desire of change or alternatives all the time on your mind, that is not a factor of stability as it causes more of distress than any comfort, don’t let that happen
Vrish – On one hand you are not happy with your finances and on the other hand you think that relationships are also under stress, but if you try to look at the stability factor you will find that many things are under control and there is no reason for you to be upset
Day special – Psychologically however it is a different situation, you are possibly loosing some amount of self-confidence which is causing uneasiness & pressures in you, that is where the problem lies
Mithun – Your relationships are under pressure, for that reason the issues of home, family or even some love relationship is not making you any happy
Do – You have to connect with others and understand the views of others, you have to trust others fully as there is lot of problem in that area
Don’t – Don’t think of change of place or change of circumstances at this stage, it may have many hidden factors of uneasiness for which you will have to be careful
Karka – Wastages are on your mind and that is why financial position is also under stress & pressures, lot of hard work is needed at this stage to improve your work related situation and to improve your financial prosperity
Day special – Most importantly you have to remain optimistic because life has to take you forward and give you much more, for that reason you will have to trust and appreciate the fact that God is kind to you and many things are under control, but take care of your health
Simha – Financial inflows are stable but you are not satisfied, even for that reason you feel that your life is not moving smoothly and there are hindrances at every step
Do – Some love relationship needs to be given importance and lot of trust, but you are being very forceful in your approach at this stage on account of which the problems are arising
Don’t – Don’t forget that being egoistic will cause more of problems, instability of your thoughts is the culprit which is not looking very good, don’t therefore let your own efforts & involvement get reduced, most important is the fact that you have to keep your cool & patience and not get angry
Kanya – Your dissatisfactions in work are showing, that is why you are constantly thinking about alternatives & change
Day Special – Personal life situation is such that you will have to appreciate its goodness, deficiencies in life and in your expectations is a reality which affects each one of us across the world, but in such situations also you have to find the goodness of stability which is more important
Tula – You may blame luck for many things but you will appreciate the fact that financial position is stable, but you are not able to control your outflows & wastages which are causing all the problems
Do – There are various forces which are causing pressures on you, even your savings are under threat because your outflows are high, that is where some carefulness is required
Don’t – Don’t still forget that this period can motivate you immensely, if you remain positive in your approach you will see that you can handle your situation very well but don’t think in terms of extremes
Vrishchik – Many hidden issues are going side by side which are causing pressures for you, changes at this stage may not be advantageous and you will have to keep your patience at each moment forward
Day special – Work related issues are stable and pressures are immense, your relationships may show signs of resurfacing but you are very hurt & dissatisfied within you
Dhanu – There is some amount of lack of trust which is appearing, for that reason there can be even differences of opinion connected with finances or work at your work place
Do – Psychologically this is a period which requires careful handling, you must maintain your own goodness at any cost and not let any pressures spoil that in any manner
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is favoring you and your loved ones are supporting you immensely, that is the strength which you carry and which can take you very far
Makar – Health related issues have been bothering you which need care, routine matters are pressurizing and that is why psychologically you are worried
Day special – Far off linkages are important & lucrative, but worries are something which are made up in your mind and you are not able to control those factors, try to look at the goodness which is appearing very soon and that will please you immensely as far as your work is concerned
Kumbh – Relationships are not as stable or strong as you want, but these are only apprehensions which may not be as true as you think
Do – The best indication is to depend on your own people and your supporters, as the day progresses you will see that the worries will be removed from your mind and you will be more at peace
Don’t – Don’t let any self-created mistakes lead to losses, for that reason you will have to take your decisions very carefully and without any ambiguity on your mind
Meena – This is a stressful period in many ways, there are obstacles in store for you and your own involvement is getting reduced because of that
Day special – If you remain disillusioned your problems will increase, even in small issues you cannot get into disputes & conflicts, that is where lot of carefulness is required

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