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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday 2 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have lot of determination on your mind, but as far as your own performance is concerned with regard to your efforts and hard work you become disillusioned, that is why you get into differences of others also.
Do – Indirectly this period is pushing you towards differences on account of money or in personal life, this is where you have to remove the apprehension on your mind and look at the goodness in people around you.
Don’t – don’t as a result become negative on your own thoughts because you are getting away from your own people while doing so, infact you must connect with others, speak to others and understand the views of others.
Mithun – You have the optimism and you have everything going good for you, but your lack of trust yourself is playing negatively at this stage and not giving you the desired focus.
Do – You are keen to plan or change of place, for that reason you are even thinking of investment in property also which can be a positive attempt.
Don’t – don’t ignore the factors of travel change or change of circumstances which are building up, they can have positive impact on you and may give you a new direction which may prove to be favourable.
Karka – Wastages can be there and your work may also suffer on account of that, for that reason your financial position is also becoming week which may bother you side by side.
Day special- Routine kind of issues and expenses may upset you, on top of it your lack of planning may help someone to take advantage of you, that is where some protection is needed.
Simha – Financial position is generally stable, this is a happy situation which can help you, guide you and motivate you.
Do – I feel your expectations are high and that is why you are not as happy with the goodness which this period provides, that is why there is need for you to moderate your own expectations
Don’t – don’t as a result borrow money or get into any financial differences of opinion, you have to assess your own situation and plan within your own means.
Kanya – Matters connected with work are stressful, the reasons are made by you as you are constantly thinking about change on account of which psychological pressures are also building up.
Day special – There are many obstacles which have been there, but now a lot of auspiciousness is getting built in the form of protection which will take care of many things side by side.
Tula – Luck may favour you immensely and many things may be under control, even your need to arrange funds for your work will be met and there may not be any big problem.
Do – You are still apprehensive and blaming luck for many reasons, but basically it is a factor of your own wastages which need to be controlled.
Don’t – don’t ignore the circumstances created by your own people your associate or partners who may be creating increased out lose for you, there is lot of wasteful expense in that which is not in your control.
Vrishchik – Many hidden factors are there which may harm your interests, you are therefore psychologically not as happy with the situation and getting very disturbed.
Day special – Some wastages are building up as a result of expenses on pleasures, even people around you are not realizing that there is need to conserve money at this stage, psychologically that is the thought which is disturbing you.
Dhanu – Factors of personal life and personal relationships are important to you, but more important than that is your need to utilize your skills in your work so that it becomes more or more vibrant.
Do – Your work may need funds for which you may have to arrange those funds, and the circumstances are not becoming such that they can be arranged easily and adequately,
Don’t – don’t still let wastages appear in the name of essential expenses, even if you are convinced for improvement of technology you may still have to control the wastages as money is important.
Makar – Health related issues may be there which are bothering you, they may seems small things but then still needs to be cared for adequately at this stage.
Day special – Luck is favouring you and your own people are providing those lucky circumstances for you at this stage, for that reason many things are under control despite pressures in personal life which take your time and energy.
Kumbh – You are worried for the performance of your children and their future, you feel that they are hiding something from you and going on a path which is not desirable for them at this stage.
Do – You may be thinking of being harsh to people around you but that is not going to help, you have to remain very pleasant and discuss your matters as clearly as you can, that will solve your issues.
Don’t – don’t let any weakness or stress come in your family life.
Meena – You are worried for your own people on account of their health, that is why greater care is needed from your side and you have to show that goodness at this stage.
Day special – but there is lot of protection which you may be able to achieve by your involvement, money may however be spent but that is a reality which you will have to accept, still in personal relationships avoid any kind of conflict which is not required at this stage.

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