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Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday 3 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are putting your money into difficulty and also your relationships into distress, but this is something which you have created for yourself without any proper care
Day special – There is need for you to resolve your issues with peace and patience, otherwise you may continue to be in a false kind of self-confidence which will create harm for you only
Vrish – You are inclined to fulfill your desires whether they are right or wrong, in emotional relationships also you are thinking that what you have on your mind is only right
Do – There is need for you to understand the views and feelings of others, by doing so you can make your relationships more vibrant and full of warmth, that is essential to do
Don’t – Don’t think of travels or changes as it may not be advantageous, especially on matters connected with work this may lead to more of pressures on you which must be controlled
Mithun – You may be thinking of change of place or change of circumstances, even for your studies you may be trying to go away but the circumstances have many problems
Day special – You have to look at the factors of obstacles and problems in a bid to resolve them, even where you have to arrange funds you may have to take loans and that is something which may have hidden obstacles as well, all these things are important to be considered at this stage
Karka – Money is important and it is motivating you immensely, for that reason you are trying to work hard and that is a good indication to see
Do – In this entire process luck is favoring you and helping you, so much so that your financial position is also improving as a result of your own commitment
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine kind of issues will have to be handled carefully, wastages on account of lack of planning will also have to be addressed simultaneously, don’t forget that there are issues and obstacles in some love relationship also which is heavy on your mind
Simha – Generally fruitful period as your efforts are giving rewards to you, but the rewards are not as much as you expect and that is why your satisfaction is not there fully
Day special – Even in matters of personal life you will see that your efforts to discuss your matters will resolve many issues, in fact by doing so luck will favor you and you will be benefited, but don’t think in terms of extremes in any manner
Kanya – Generally lucky period but psychologically distressful, you may think that the expectations are not being fully met because you are thinking too much and expecting too much
Do – In the process your financial situation is becoming stressful as you are not planning properly, further psychologically you are getting depressed which is also not a good situation
Don’t – Don’t forget that unnecessary changes at this stage may only hamper your situation, a lot of peace and stability is required to be maintained which will prove to be the stabilizing factor at this stage
Tula – Many thoughts are there which make you take your decisions impulsively, for matters connected with changes or alternatives you are very determined at this stage
Day special – There are many factors which are causing hidden obstacles as well, for that reason even your health needs to be handled in a peaceful manner
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect miracles from your partners, associates or well wishers, you may associate with them but not expect any help in any great manner
Vrishchik – Your supporters may not be very keen to help you at this stage, for that reason you may find yourself in a situation where you may feel that there is a loss to you
Do – Even on health related matters this is a period which requires care, in travels or changes you may have to be all the more careful so that minor hurt or injury is avoided
Don’t – For all these reasons don’t create any stress in your mind, even in all those matters of ups and downs of relationships you will have to protect yourself from getting upset
Dhanu – Input in work is needed whether in terms of money or in involvement, that will reduce the differences of opinion which can be there at this stage
Day special – Your own abilities need to be sharpened to use them in your work, that can be advantageous in the long run and may reward you financially also in the process
Makar – Generally auspicious period although rewards may not be as prominent as you expect, but goodness and stability is more important in life and for that reason lot many things are under control
Do – Psychologically you will have to connect with people and depend on them, you have to understand the goodness of people around you and not think only of negativity
Don’t – Don’t give too much of importance to routine kind of issues which are there for everyone at all times, take them in your stride and accept them as a reality, and you will see that generally the situation is quite under control
Kumbh – Luck may not favor you as much as you want, for that reason even your personal life issues may become more and more stressful and complicated
Day special – Your own efforts are reduced and they are not in the right direction, you have many thoughts on your mind and this is causing hindrances in many ways which need to be handled one at a time
Meena – If you think that situations are harmful you must also think at the same time that the obstacles are not as big which you cannot handle, for that reason lot of goodness is attached to this period in the form of auspiciousness and in the form of your own philanthropic views, speak well and speak politely, you will realize that with your abilities you will handle them
Day special – Don’t therefore neglect the need to handle your relationships carefully, in some love relationship you will have to understand the views of others and then convey your views in a manner that they are not hurtful

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