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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday 23 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are showing your determination in your work, your involvement can help you to come out of your conflicts and agitations of your mind
Day special – Carefulness is always better than cure, you must use your abilities judiciously and remain very mild towards others so that no conflicts arises
Vrish – Your hard work can make your destiny and that is important, luck favors those who help themselves in terms of hard work & determination
Do – Basically it is a question of how much you are able to use your abilities in your work, for that matter this is a favorable period in many ways
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are important to you and you are committed towards that, indirectly all these factors are well placed for you and you are happy
Mithun – You may put your money into risk and that is where the problem lies, psychologically you may have to remain very mild and stable so that you do not create stress for yourself
Day special – Even in home & family you will have to extra care, by doing so you will be able to remove the differences & conflicts which are appearing despite your goodness in many ways
Karka – You are very caring towards others and that is a very positive thought which you carry, this indirectly is motivating you to involve yourself and communicate well with others which will help you in resolving your issues
Do – While you communicate with others you have to be very careful with your documents, especially all such written documents must be cared for which may cause upsets for you if you are careless
Don’t – Don’t forget that in all this involvement luck is favoring you immensely, your overall financial situation is also stable and there is nothing adverse on that
Simha – There are many forces working against you on the psychological front, if you remain stable & optimistic there may not be anything adverse for you at this stage
Day special – Your own abilities and your self-confidence is high, your financial position is stable which will make you happy, but you have to remain optimistic and only then your goodness will be sustained
Kanya – You have your full focus towards relationships, but there are inherent factors which need to be discussed and resolved
Do – Your goodness has to be in such a manner that you don’t get away from people, your involvement is important and that will help you eventually
Don’t – Don’t think too much and don’t think negatively, by having a negative mindset you are harming yourself and that is not required
Tula – You are very attached to your own people, but circumstances may be taking you away or creating situations which may require you at a distance
Day special – You have to understand these forces and your responsibilities in life, if for any purpose of studies or bigger decisions you have to be away from your own people then you have to accept it as a reality
Vrishchik – Luck may favor you & help you in motivating you further, you are also determined to work hard to achieve your goals and that is a remarkable thought
Do – In the process you have to avoid any kind of differences of opinion especially where money is involved, you also have to keep your expenses under control as they are becoming very high
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine kind of pressures will show lots of ups & downs, they may also stress you at times but your motivation should remain intact as that is important
Dhanu – Financial angle is such which needs to be protected, you have to show your involvement in life in a manner which remains connected with your purpose of life and fulfillment of dreams
Day special – Money may be required in your work, your total involvement may also be required in whatever you are doing, that will help you to move forward in life
Makar – People may be supportive to you in many ways, even where you have disagreements your own goodness will help you & protect you immensely
Do – There is lot of goodness attached to you at this stage, and the best indication is that you are determined to make all your efforts a success at this stage
Don’t – Don’t still show any kind of instability as that can hamper your own efforts, lot of regularity is required for which you have to be very focused
Kumbh – You cannot think too much and think negatively, by doing so you are likely to create mistakes from your own side which may be more in the form of expenses
Day special – You have to conserve the goodness of this period, for that people are helping you & supporting you immensely, even on financial factors you have to remain very vigilant and protect your savings
Meena – Emotional angle is stable and giving you happiness, for that reason you are even focused to get all kinds of gains which may be available to you from your friends, associates or well-wishers
Do – You may have to help others at this stage in many ways, that may include financial help as well as emotional involvement
Don’t – Don’t forget that peace & harmony needs to be maintained in your home & family, in personal life this will help you to conserve your goodness & protect you from any kind of conflicts

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