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Friday, August 27, 2010

Saturday 28 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your hard work can improve your knowledge & skills and you will be able to show yourself in better light, this is despite the fact that you think too much and think for changes all the time
Do – Try to create as much stability for yourself as possible, by doing so you have to keep a very stable head on your shoulders which is very important at this stage
Don’t – Don’t still get into any kind of stressful situation leading to conflicts, that is actually not required and you can protect yourself by remaining peaceful
Vrish – Home & family is important and personal happiness is to be given its importance also side by side, financial position is stable and will support you in this process
Day special – On financial mattes at least you will have to show a lot of peace & patience, any financial decision cannot be changed repeatedly as that can be disadvantageous
Mithun – This period is motivating you immensely to work hard and to achieve the goals, in fact your boss may be very appreciate of this hard work from your side and you will be duly recognized & rewarded
Do – Your focus must remain intact and you must get the support from others, look for that support wherever you can get it especially from your own well wishers
Don’t – Don’t forget that even in personal life this very focus & effort can resolve many problems which you have faced in the past, a little bit of carefulness can achieve that abundantly
Karka – Travels, changes or alternatives are on your mind, but they are contradicting the need to stabilize your situation as there are many things which are under control
Day special – That is why your plans are not stable and you may change them after taking a decision, that is where some differences of opinion may also emerge which need to be protected
Simha – Financial position is stable and there is nothing adverse, but you are keen to risk your money which is not the right thing to do
Do – Plan well as far as your financial decisions are concerned, you must therefore remember that financial decisions need to be taken with lot of carefulness on your mind
Don’t – Don’t let relationships determine as to what kind of decisions you will have to take, even on finances don’t let anyone take advantage of you or create a loss for you
Kanya – Routine kind of stress & pressures in work can be there, but that can even risk the stability of your career which needs to be understood
Day Special – Your own people are very strong & supportive towards you, for that reason you have to look at the strength of this period through your personal life only, that will help you immensely to move forward with stability
Tula – Financial angle is stable and luck is favoring you immensely, but routine kind of issues & expenses are continuing to bother you at this stage
Do – Psychologically you may be a little stressed with work, especially where there are disagreements you may be unhappy
Don’t – Don’t therefore let the stability & goodness of this period get spoiled, keep patience especially in work place as well as in taking any major decisions, let this period pass and you will see that many things are continuing to be in your favor
Vrishchik – Work related issues are such which may routinely pressurize you, but at the same time this is a gainful situation in many ways and you have to be thankful to God for this goodness
Day special – Your own abilities are abundant and they have to be used & utilized in your work, constant involvement in that sense will help you to achieve your goals
Dhanu – Luck is favoring you and your own people are supportive of you, you may be apprehensive about others but there is no need for that
Do – Home & family is important and you will have to give importance to that immensely, and this effort will give you enormous happiness also which is a blessing
Don’t – In your career however there may be thoughts on your mind which are pressurizing, you will have to therefore keep patience and also understand & accept the reality which is emerging
Makar – This is a slightly weak period as you may get into unnecessary stressful situations, they may seem to be small issues but they can cause setback nevertheless
Day special – The protection to this predicament lies in your constant involvement in your work, you have the ability and you have to use that ability to your advantage, work situation may not seem as strong at the moment but God is kind that you are protected from problems also
Kumbh – Relationships will have to be given due importance, even if there are stressful situations you can actually handle them with care and with patience
Do – If you discuss your matters then many things can be resolved, especially where you wish to take some relationship forward this can be helpful
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust on your mind in some love relationship, if you have any divergent thoughts then it is better to discuss those issues and resolve them as early as possible
Meena – Health is a factor which must be given due importance, for that matter health of your own people may also be on your mind which needs to be cared for
Day special – Your own goodness is abundant and you are being helpful to others, that is why this period is emerging to be strong & supportive for you to prove in the eyes of others that you carry that goodness

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