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Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday 14 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Protect yourself from some hurt or injury, even health related issues need care because you are increasing pressures for yourself
Do – Connect with your own people & stay happy, that will remove your pressures at this stage which are not worthwhile to carry
Don’t – Don’t also let wastages occur as a result of your erratic thoughts, don’t create any issues from your side unnecessarily and try to resolve the matters as much as you can
Vrish – On one hand you wish to be happy in some relationship, on the other hand you are getting away because of various pressures which you carry,
Day special – Giving unnecessary importance to money is not required, for that reason wastages should be handled in a pragmatic manner and only then you will be benefited
Mithun – Many issues in personal life can create stress, disagreements can lead to conflicts and that is where lot of protection is needed
Do – Especially on financial matters disagreements will have to be controlled, you will have to understand that money is important but cannot be the cause of problems in your life
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for any big change or move at this stage, it can have many hidden problems or obstacles which will be difficult to resolve
Karka – Auspiciousness is connected with your own involvement in life, your focus is remarkable and you will be benefited as a result of that goodness
Day special – Your abilities can be put to right use in your work, by doing so your performance will become remarkable and you will be benefited
Simha – Auspiciousness is abundant and you will be benefited in financial terms, you can even plan to invest your money judiciously or create financial assets also
Do – In whatever you do or speak you have to show your goodness, for that reason health becomes important which must be handled carefully
Don’t – Don’t think that everything will come automatically, luck may be favoring you but still your own efforts are important at this stage
Kanya – There are many obstacles which you will have to face, this is despite the fact that you are working hard and trying to do many things at the same time
Day Special – Routine kind of issues still bother you or pressurize you, that is where you are not happy and you are stressed all the time, try to remove the stress from your mind and unwind at this stage
Tula – Financial matters are important to the extent that you cannot be wasteful, even if your plans are great you will have to keep lot of patience as you cannot go wrong in your decision making
Do – Psychologically therefore you will have to be at peace, efforts should remain pragmatic and with lot of carefulness
Don’t – Don’t become egoistic as a result of your own forcefulness, many issues are there which have to be handled one by one, for that reason lot of peace is required
Vrishchik – Your own involvement can bring financial gains, but those gains will have to be put back into proper use at this stage
Day special – Relationships are very erratic, you are also losing trust in others as you think that it is not worthwhile to move on that path, therefore your involvement should remain connected with your work
Dhanu – Thoughts of far off places are important on your mind, you are worried whether your career will remain as stable or not
Do – Some importance has to be given to upgrade your knowledge, that is one factor which has to be remembered and only then your plans will be made in that direction
Don’t – Don’t let your stability of financial situation get spoilt, savings are important and planning for those savings is more important
Makar – Lot of goodness is available to you in terms of happiness in your personal life, for that reason you are happy with your financial position also as it shapes up at this moment
Day special – There may be many plans of changes on your mind, far off linkages seem to be lucrative but you are sometimes undecided with those thoughts
Kumbh – Your involvement & focus is getting reduced because you are thinking of so many things, for that reason there is lot of instability of your mind because of diversions of many things going on side by side
Do – First step is to resolve any disagreements in your personal life, that will provide the peace & patience which is required
Don’t – Don’t also neglect your work at this stage, that is the strength which you will have to build over a period of time and that is important
Meena – Generally stable & auspicious period as many things are under control, luck is also supporting you and your relationships are also shaping up in a better manner
Day special – Certain small issues still remain to be addressed in personal relationships, but your own goodness can protect you and cover you in many ways and that is important

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