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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday 18 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very determined to think about some relationship but you are very worried & dissatisfied also side by side
Do – If you wish to be happy in relationship then you have to shed these apprehensions from your mind, by carrying conflicts in your mind you are complicating your matters in any case, stay peaceful and many things can be resolved, especially if you understand the strength of the relationship which has many good factors attached
Don’t – Don’t carry any conflicts on your mind as that is not going to help, also remaining depressed is not the answer to problems in life
Vrish – Your dreams & desires for investments can be met, but you are worried as to what will be response of your own people towards you and despite the goodness which you have for others
Day special – You wish to get the approval of your family in some relationship, and that is another worry which you carry as there are unstable thoughts which you expect from others
Mithun – Your focus is remarkable and your efforts can bring enormous results, but you may go wrong in what you speak and that is where a lot of peace & patience is required
Do – Stay peaceful & concentrate on what you are doing, also have trust in your own abilities which will help you eventually
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own thinking can create conflicts & differences with others, if you remain peaceful then many things can be sorted out to your advantage
Karka – You are constantly thinking about financial goodness but not able to create that for yourself on account of your expenses, but still lot of goodness is now appearing in many ways
Day special – Your savings are likely to improve now and that will please you, you have created commitments in your mind for which money is needed and therefore those responsibilities will also have to be met
Simha – Your self-confidence is increasing and that will improve your financial position also side by side, you are worried for your own people and that is with good intention that you want to help others
Do – You will have to avoid any big changes or big moves at this stage, they may not prove to be advantageous nor it may give you happiness in the process
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period requires care & patience in many ways, especially in what you speak you will have to keep a lot of patience
Kanya – Lot of changes are on your mind, so much so that you are already convinced and you have made up your mind in many ways without thinking of the repercussions
Day Special – On financial matters you may not be as happy, despite your focus you are also worried & unstable in your mind as far as the path ahead is concerned
Tula – Financial angle is strong and luck is favoring you immensely, but wastages & outflows are as high and therefore the goodness is not sustained or converted into any kind of savings
Do – Psychologically therefore you have to understand the implications of your work place, changes may be a thought for positive step forward but still there are many factors which will have to be considered
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that change will bring the fulfillment of your dreams, as such in unstable periods taking big decisions is not advisable, don’t take such big decisions at this stage
Vrishchik – Routine kind of stress & pressures are immense, you also need funds for various reasons which can be another complicating factor to increase your stress
Day special – Luck is generally favoring you and there is nothing adverse, but you will have to understand that there is strength in positive thinking and that strength can be inculcated gradually in life
Dhanu – Luck is favoring you in many ways, but you are worried for many changes which are on your mind
Do – Your own professional career can get very lucky developments as a result, but you will have to make your mindset such that you are able to take advantage of that
Don’t – Don’t create obstacles in your mind, take the next step as it comes and leave the rest to God, believe me God is there to help you at every step
Makar – Stress & pressures are there which you will have to understand, even with people who are important or your boss you may have many issues going on side by side
Day special – Financial angle is generally stable and there is no worry on that, but your own decisions are unstable and you are constantly thinking of many alternatives at the same time
Kumbh – You are not as happy with your work related situation, you feel that the goodness is not appearing in work as much as you wish
Do – Money alone cannot buy peace and that is a reality, your own peace of mind is essential to control the differences which are complicating the matters at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that your supporters can be helpful to you to resolve your issues, this can be a situation of advantage even in some hidden love relationship
Meena – You may have health related issues and you may have pressures in personal life, for that reason you may also be worried for the well being of your own people who may require your care and concern
Day special – There is lot of protection available in many ways, therefore don’t feel so depressed at this stage as that is not needed

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