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Friday, August 20, 2010

Saturday 21 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may get into unnecessary differences connected with money or with your own people, but there are many factors which show that these are happening because of certain confusions on your mind which you will have to remove
Day special – As the day progresses lot of goodness is likely to appear, you will be able to get a focused direction in life in which you will be able to protect your relationships to your advantage
Vrish – You are very focused to take your thoughts forward for building a very strong relationship, but you are worried whether it can actually happen because there are too many conflicting views on your mind
Do – There are factors of stress & pressures in the process, I cannot call it a smooth period because you will have to face many challenges and cross many hurdles
Don’t – Don’t therefore push for any thoughts at this stage as it may be difficult to accomplish what you wish to do, give it some more time and you will see that the circumstances will start favoring you
Mithun – Your own abilities need to be improved as there is some weakness in that, by saying this I am not trying to suggest that your efforts are lacking in any manner, but you are not able to accomplish what you wish to despite those positive efforts which you are making
Day special – For that reason your dependence on others is not fully justified, you will have to push yourself forward based on your own hard work & conviction, that will open the path for you in a manner which will please you & stabilize you
Karka – Financial angle may not be as strong as there are many pressures going on side by side, but your own abilities are such that you can work hard and you can convince others, that is the goodness which you carry
Do – In the process you will have to understand that there can be misunderstandings, at every step this instability may bother you and that is why you will have to be careful also
Don’t – Don’t let your outflows create a situation of harm to you, it is very essential to sustain your savings for which you will have to be very stable in your thinking as well
Simha – Your hard work in your career can give favorable results, but most importantly it can give you a remarkable self-confidence which can help you to move forward in life
Day special – If you have any lack of trust in some love relationship then you are bound to face problems, any relationship has to be based on mutual understanding & trust and that is what you will have to understand at this stage
Kanya – Lot of goodness is building up despite many obstacles also side by side, outflows, losses & factors of pressures are immense but there is goodness appearing and God is kind
Do – You must look at this goodness very favorably, you must shed those confusions of your mind and start believing in yourself
Don’t – Don’t make yourself unstable in your thinking in any way, don’t change your plans repeatedly to reduce your own image, that is very important to understand
Tula – You are yourself creating some pressures as psychologically you are not convinced, your dissatisfactions are driving you to take certain decisions which may not be right
Day special – If you are constantly thinking about change then you will have to take very careful decisions, any decision taken in moments of uneasiness can inherently go wrong, but as the day progresses you will see reason and you will be more careful
Vrishchik – Changes are on your mind and as a result you are spending more than what you should, but you are worried and whatever you speak shows those worries as well
Do – Keep patience and depend on your own knowledge & abilities, for that reason show your goodness as much as you can
Don’t – Don’t forget that as the day progresses your career will progress, your image will further improve and you will be happy with that situation
Dhanu – Your involvement is required in your work, as a result your knowledge will have to be put to use so that the goodness is achieved to take your career forward
Day special – There are certain inherent thoughts of dissatisfactions & worries which you carry as far as your work is concerned, you will have to give a very serious thought to it to understand as to what is right for you, but you must remember that luck is now favoring you all over again to give you a shape to your thoughts
Makar – Extremely remarkable period as lot of goodness is building up now, but psychologically you may continue to be under pressure despite this goodness appearing in which you will be satisfied at least for your children or for your loved ones
Do – Maintain lot of stability and sincerity, remove apprehensions which you carry as it is taking away your self-confidence
Don’t – Don’t change your plans repeatedly as it is not right, don’t therefore annoy people who are important as that is not needed
Kumbh – Goodness is reduced because you are thinking negatively, for that reason you are creating stress & pressures for yourself which you are not able to control
Day special – Relationships are important and you are able to carry them forward, especially as the day progresses your supporters will come forward to help you & guide you
Meena – Obstacles are there but that is a reality which you will have to face, your worries about your work are not as valid because that can be handled by you with your own goodness abundantly
Day special – In personal life however lot of care is needed, you have to avoid any kind of conflicts because that can be created with the hindrances which you are going through, that is where your pragmatism will help you eventually

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