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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday 26 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very undecided in your decisions and in your thinking at the moment, that is why there are too many ups & downs and reversal of your own thoughts
Do – Financial angle remains under focus, you will have to protect yourself from undue differences or wastages
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck may be supportive to you, but you are not appreciative of that fact and getting somewhat worried also
Vrish – Financial position is stable and there is nothing adverse, as a result there is stability & happiness in your life which should be the effort from your side at this stage
Day special – You can augment your financial resources by your knowledge and your careful planning, but you will have to protect your money that you don’t put it into any risky venture
Mithun – You are trying to involve in your work fully and that effort will help you, you have the necessary competence and you want to use that judiciously in your work
Do – For that reason your own people may be helpful to you and supportive of your efforts, that kind of positive situation can be immensely gratifying which is a blessing
Don’t – Don’t still have doubts on your supporters or well wishers, otherwise their views may become unstable which is not to your advantage
Karka – Luck is favoring you immensely, but at the same time your health is also something which has to be cared for on constant basis
Day special – Psychologically you may have to remain upbeat and think positively only, for that reason routine kind of pressures & expenses will have to be controlled as it is not right to act impulsively all the time
Simha – In relationships you are not as happy as you would like it to be, you want to go deep into the issues to find their cause etc., but that can create pressures in relationships
Do – Try to understand the views of others, discuss your matters coolly & peacefully, that will help
Don’t – While doing so don’t create any wastages as that is not required, money cannot buy peace and you will have to remember that
Kanya – Overall family situation is supportive, your own people are guiding you and helping you in many ways
Day Special – You are not taking the help because you are too rigid and living in your own world, that is why psychologically you are getting away from your own people which is not right
Tula – You are carrying stress & differences in your mind, that is why your relationships are suffering at this stage which could have been your strength
Do – That is why your entire focus is unstable as you are not able to put your efforts in the right direction, making others against you is something which has to be avoided
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle is stable and there is nothing adverse, but you are not able to save as much as you can and that is where the problem lies
Vrishchik – You are looking at property related matters very carefully and that can be a helpful situation, some amount of loss is inbuilt for which you have to accept the reality
Day special – You are concerned about your family & your children, you want to do so much for them and wish them well, and in the process you are getting worried also
Dhanu – Angle of home & family is stable and there is nothing adverse, normal ups & downs will have to be taken as a reality of life which should not bother you so much
Do – Your constant efforts in your work is required and you must involve in that, by doing so you can look at all those possibilities which may push your career forward and that should be your effort also
Don’t – Don’t forget that your focus can be remarkable which can give you tremendous gains, but you have to trust yourself and your own abilities at this stage which can prove to be beneficial
Makar – Travels may be on your mind and you may be confused on account of that, you even want to discuss your matters to consider your decisions as to whether you have taken the right steps in the right direction or not
Day special – You will have to give time to any situation to emerge fully, for that reason a little bit of patience is still required for you to get the best results, acting in haste is not recommended
Kumbh – Financial angle is stable and your savings are adequate, your own people are supportive and that is the goodness which you carry at this stage
Do – From your own side you are creating problems because you are too critical and find faults in others, in fact these are self- created mistakes which must be avoided
Don’t – Don’t forget that creating stress in your work and reducing your efforts is going to harm you only, despite goodness this fact must be remembered so that you do not go wrong
Meena – Your overall well being is intact but psychologically you are not as stable in your mind, you have many divergent thoughts which keep on bothering you and causing stress on you
Day special – Health is another factor which needs care, for that matter the care for your own people will have to be increased also side by side as that can help you immensely

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