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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tuesday 17 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You wish to take your life forward but in the process you are getting stressed, goodness in life can be achieved by remaining peaceful also
Day special – Getting depressed is not the answer to problems, especially if you have issues connected with home & family you may have to take care of them and remove those reasons which cause such pressures
Vrish – Your goodness lies in your knowledge and you will be benefited with that effort, but your efforts are somewhat reduced at the moment and you are not working hard
Do – There is need to understand the views of others, even if there are wastages you will have to appreciate the views of others and they may also be right in many ways
Don’t – Don’t forget that your goodness lies in your knowledge and in your ability to involve with your own people, that is where your focus should remain attached
Mithun – You have many issues to resolve in your personal life, so much so that you have to also remove the uneasiness & dissatisfactions which you carry
Day special – Any financial dispute may have to be handled carefully, if you have loans to repay then that is a reality which you must accept
Karka – Adverse situations can also motivate a person immensely, if you are stressed in relationships then you can communicate and try to resolve those issues
Do – Goodness is abundant and divine blessing is with you, by getting depressed you cannot understand the true picture and that is important to understand
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need to fulfill your work related demands, whether it is in the form of your abilities or performance; both ways you will have to deliver
Simha – You will stand to gain in many diverse ways, but any change of circumstances may further depress you & make you unhappy
Day special – Your self-confidence is emerging very well, that will give you financial stability & rewards like never before
Kanya – In relationships you may not be happy as there are obstacles at every step, but your positive focus & hard work can turn the tables
Do – Stay committed & stay involved, work hard to achieve your goals, that is the path for your success
Don’t – Don’t be dissatisfied with your brothers or sisters, similarly your friends may not give you as much happiness, but don’t think negatively about others as that is not required
Tula – Many thoughts are there for which many changes will take place, even where you have to take decisions for your studies you may have to move away and that is important
Day special – Money will be spent but money will also be arranged, but these are the realities of life which you will have to accept and move forward in life
Vrishchik – Your own hard work will definitely pay you dividends, gains & rewards are indicated in many ways but you will have to conserve your funds also
Do – Stay optimistic as that is very essential, long term plans can make you uneasy but there is no need to think so much ahead
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own strength of your work is remarkable, you may have stress & pressures but that is a reality which will continue for a while
Dhanu – Your efforts are remarkable and that will give you enormous benefits, but in the process you are also getting a bit disillusioned as you feel that every step is a struggle
Day special – Auspiciousness is building up now and divine blessing is with you, for that reason your career related situation will also become vibrant eventually
Makar – Despite your uneasiness you have a good period running, financial angle is becoming stable and you will be happy with that
Do – Stay optimistic and do good to others, once you start thinking positively for others you will get the rewards also in the same manner
Don’t – Don’t forget that the knowledge of your work now needs to be upgraded, especially on matters where there is need to constantly evolve in the form of knowledge & skills
Do – Make positive efforts and show regularity of your involvement, that regularity will result in your success eventually
Don’t – Don’t create any stressful situation with your boss, remain peaceful and postpone any decision where differences appear
Kumbh – Stress & pressures are bound to be there, you will have to understand the fact that wastages can compound those pressures unless taken adequate care
Day Special – Even in matters of work you may be dissatisfied, that is why this period needs constant care and very focused involvement, remember that and you will be protected
Meena – You will have to support others & help others, even at the cost of your own dissatisfaction you have responsibilities to fulfill
Do – Your own goodness lies in being philanthropic at this stage, maintain that goodness and leave the rest for a while
Don’t – Don’t forget that despite being good to others you may still carry differences in many ways, but that is the reality which you have to accept as this period may keep you dissatisfied in any case

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