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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday 6 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming too firm in your attitude and that stiffness is likely to give you problems, you may get into differences & conflicts and that may happen in personal or professional life as well
Do – While you may be right in certain things but it is not correct to get into problems, for that reason it is very essential that you become mild in whatever you do or whatever you speak
Don’t – Don’t forget that to maintain harmony in personal life is very essential, also don’t let your money get into difficulties by getting into these differences, don’t therefore complicate the matters at this stage when peace is required
Vrish – Your efforts are remarkable and your focus is great, for that reason you are able to accomplish also well for which you have thoughts connected with many big decisions also on your mind
Day special – There are linkages of your emotional relationships which are heavy on your mind, in fact your big decisions are also connected with the fact that you want to give importance to your relationships which you value the most
Mithun – You will have to be careful that you do not get into any financial disputes or loss, for that reason you may increase your outflows which can be harmful to you in any case
Do – You may also be thinking very firmly for some change of place but there are many hidden problems attached to that, hence make your thoughts very flexible and listen to others
Don’t – Don’t take a decision just because you are convinced that it is right, you have to understand that there are problems connected with personal life which will have to be addressed and for which you will have to consider many factors side by side
Karka – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, financial angle is very strongly placed and you will be benefited,
Day special – The best indication is that your own involvement is strong, if you work hard as you are inclined to you will be benefited immensely, even travels or far off linkages may prove to be advantageous to you
Simha – Auspiciousness reflects in the form of financial gains, for that reason changes in your work situation can also bring benefit to you in many ways
Do – Still you will have to be careful in thinking in terms of extremes, just because financial angle is stable you cannot put your money into risk or take any drastic decisions which may not be advantageous
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too firm in your approach, even in relationships you will have to understand that carrying dissatisfactions will lead to more of problems only
Kanya – You may be trying to work hard, but there are many issues of obstacles & problems which are going side by side
Day Special – The best indication still remains that your financial situation is stable, your expenses or routine outflows are very high and that is a cause for concern, but the goodness is abundant for which you will have to be happy, still remember that this is a period of obstacles of sudden nature which you will have to face
Tula – There are pressures at work and many factors which you will have to consider, even money will have to be arranged to fulfill your needs which is very important
Do – Take your present pressures as a challenge, by doing so you will be actually benefited but there are too many pressures which you have created for yourself, you will have to understand all those also
Don’t – Don’t plan for any major changes at this stage, as there can be many hidden factors which may harm you or pressurize you, even in travels there can be upsets or health related issues side by side
Vrishchik – Generally your focus towards your efforts is remarkable, even gains from home, your assets or your properties can be there which have to be used or utilized judiciously
Day special – Luck is favoring you immensely, people are coming forward to help you and guide you, that is the goodness which this period provides and you will be satisfied with the developments
Dhanu – Psychological issues need to be handled very peacefully, there my be ups & downs here & there but overall pattern still remains stable & supportive in many ways
Do – Work is important and changes which are coming up in life are also important, you will have to improve your knowledge as there will be need to do so in the times to come
Don’t – Don’t therefore stress yourself psychologically, each step has to be taken forward with carefulness but with a clear focus in mind, for that your own people are highly supportive to you
Makar – Emotional relationships are important to you, you may be looking forward or looking ahead to improve your life and to improve your circumstances
Day special – The best indication still remains that there is auspiciousness which you are looking forward, even where you are considering change of place or travel you have very focused thoughts on your mind, that is the goodness which will give you success
Kumbh – Your care towards your own people is remarkable and this thought is very essential on your mind, but there are issues which have to be handled and indirectly your personal life and work life both are getting affected on account of certain pressures which you carry
Do – If you remain mild many of these pressures can be reduced, just because you are thinking of conflicts in an agitated manner you are causing more of pressures for yourself, avoid that
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that any kind of issue of human angle will have to be addressed carefully, even doing so you will have to understand the views of your boss, don’t have unstable views and show your unstable thoughts to others as it will put you into poor light
Meena – Your hard work can improve your knowledge & skills, that can actually bring enormous results & rewards to you in the process, remember that with your efforts you can resolve the differences in your personal life as well
Day special – Your personality is improving and your image is improving, that can give you fame & success both, you have to be therefore thankful to God for all this goodness, spend some time in prayers and for conveying that thankfulness at this stage

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