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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Hidden relationships may bother you, there can be possible conflicts or concerns which need to be tackled better.
Do – transparency of relationships is important, try to be honest and clear in your approach, you have divine blessing then why do you worry
Don’t – don’t have relationships at your workplace, there can be hidden upsets in that
You are thinking about home and family as you are concerned about them
Do – you have to involve with the family only then you will resolve their problems
Don’t – don’t be indifferent and don’t run away from the problems, that will not solve the issues
You are trying to work hard, but there are too many issues which bother you, these are psychological in nature
Do – try to involve in your work better, you are not doing that
Don’t – don’t be too forceful, that will lead to disputes
There is pressure on your accumulated funds and there is also al linkage of your higher expenses also
Do – good that you are trying to focus towards your career, money is not important, just forget that at this stage
Don’t – don’t be agitated, that can led to many upsets and mistakes don’t do that
Family marital and financial disputes can lead to bigger problems you are as such not happy, any argument will further aggravate that
Do – keep a positive attitude, you are career is stable just be focused towards that
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts, don’t also ignore your health
Upsetting period, lot of pressures on you, but hidden issues of circumstances bother you, you feel cheated at times, that is the problem
Do – protect your self from wasteful expenses
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust, that is the root cause of problems
Gainful period for financial inflows, but stressful period for home and children, you expect a lot but pressures continue
Do – generally your attitude is positive but you remain worried, change that attitude
Don’t – don’t be upset on account of any financial reasons or cause, believe me there is nothing wrong in that
Period of professional conflicts, people ma try to harm you, that needs to be protected
Do – keep calm and peaceful, don’t enter into any conflicting issue, that will increase the problems
Don’t – your career is stable, but routine issues are troublesome, don’t get into any routine arguments
Emotional affairs are getting worrisome, you are thinking too much, you are dissatisfied
Do – have patience, these are passing thoughts
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that lot of divine strength and blessing is with you, getting upset will not help
If your family is trying is trying to hide certain facts from you then you are very upset
Day special – you will have to maintain a lot of patience, stressful period but it will not last long, every dark night is followed by a morning
Dissatisfaction in love relationships and also in marriage, that can lead to differences which must be controlled
Do – your own confusions aggravate these indications, control your own ups and downs of thinking
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that your career is stable, don’t spoil that goodness by your dissatisfactions
Some lack of understanding of health condition can keep you tense that will lead to needless expenses also
Do – take proper care investigations and treatment
Don’t – don’t ignore seemingly minor issues in your career, they can also become problems later, don’t get into a mode of complacence

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