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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

20th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Family concerns and issues may crop up, any thought about career may have some desire for change of job also
Do – have a positive attitude, then you will realize that nothing is really wrong
Don’t – don’t get into any conflicts in your marriage, especially if it has anything to do with finances
Excellent monetary situation in which savings are intact and very auspicious, even inflows are stable and you are not happy
Day special – students have excellent focus towards studies, you can really achieve with your hard work as this planetary position is very favourable for your success
You are just thinking about money, that can make you very egoistic and stiff in nature because monetary inflows are good
Do – career is stable, your focus should be in that only
Don’t – don’t have conflicts in your love relationship because you may repent later
Two focus areas connected with this day, change of place of residence and investment in property, but protect your self from losses
Day special – you are too forceful in your attitude, that is why you are not looking at the weakness connected with this period protect yourself from loss
Money may flow out in resolving conflicts or into health issues, either way it is a loss situation only
Do – support others, listen to them spread happiness around you, all this is important in life
Don’t – your stiff attitude causes disputes, don’t do that, don’t be too stiff
Excellent period for professional gains, your knowledge will give you the best of opportunities for growth and advancement in life
Day special – you are trying to study well now, but you have already lost precious time, that is the biggest problem
Very lucky period for professional growth, all kinds of lucky opportunities are available to you
Do – consider change of job or change of place that can prove to be very auspicious
Don’t – don’t have confusions on your mind as regards studies, this is especially for the students
Financial gains may be lost in outflows and expenses, but luck can protect you in any ways, hence have patience
Day special – some kind of travel opportunity must be grabbed, it can prove to be very lucky in the long run
Professional gains and monetary inflows, you are very firm in taking important decisions at this stage
Do – have the right balance between profession and home, that will be helpful
Don’t – don’t make any hasty decision, consider all kinds of options available to you
Generally lucky period, but there may be differences in love relationship or in profession, that needs to be controlled
Day special – health is still an issue which needs better attention from your side, don’t ignore that
Studies are not upto the mark, there is weakness in that, you are wasting precious time in irrelevant things
Do – involve more forcefully in studies, your focus is diverted
Don’t – don’t take any change of place without proper planning
You wish to convert your love relationship into your marriage, but there are inherent differences and obstacles
Day special – family and property issues need to be handled very carefully, especially if there is any financial linkage in that

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