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Sunday, February 17, 2008

17th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

You are getting dissatisfied about your abilities, but this s a thought which is made up in the mind, actually you have that fire in you to achieve anything
Do – maintain this focus there is nothing which can stop you to progress in life
Don’t – don’t be confused, remaining uneasy is not a positive attitude, don’t be pessimistic
You are thinking about changes opportunities or alternatives connected with your work, you are also getting very tense about that
Day special – don’t be uneasy, the opportunity which you may get may be good and at the same place where you live, hence your worries are not valid
You are very upset about your younger brother/sister or a friend, you are being kept in the dark and the truth is being hidden from you, that upsets you the most
Do – positive thinking will give you lot of happiness
Don’t – don’t be confused or uneasy that attitude is becoming a habit, you have to control that
Weak period, pressures connected with finances, also pressures connected with your boss, but largely these are the extremes of your own thinking
Day special – your abilities are strong and suited to your job, luck may support you but don’t put your money in any risky venture
Gains from business are good, but you are not satisfied with your partners
Do – listen to your partners, in terms of any doubts which you may have in your mind
Don’t – don’t have doubts about integrity or honesty of others unless you are sure
Pressures in career are there because you are not satisfied, you wish to achieve a lot but everything has a time, fruit will ripen at its right time only
Day special – if in business then take the support of your family members or partners, your father may not support your views and that can cause tensions
If in any love relationship then don’t have any doubts, , also don’t try to test the honesty of others, even multiple emotions may lead to upsets
Do – generally very lucky period but focus towards home and family will be advantageous
Don’t – don’t ignore the needs of your family in any way, that is important
All your worried are connected with home family and property, some stress connected with profession is also appearing because you are constantly thinking about that
Day special – understand the need to have peace of min, all your worries are because of stress, because you are not able to devote time to so many areas of life
You are dissatisfied about your own efforts, you are worried about relationships and marriage also
Do – have lot of peace and patience, confusions lead to dissatisfactions
Don’t – don’t let pressures on your mind spoil the stability of your marriage
Some sudden upsets can bother you, don’t be harsh to any one, speak sweetly, it will protect your in many ways
Day special – firstly it is a slightly weak period showing pressures, on top of that you are getting very sensitive, that can be the cause of dissatisfactions, try to postpone the matters for a while
You have ignored your studies for a while, now if you get uneasy or upset then it will not help,. There is still time to devote this precious time towards studies, that can still help you
Do – take the support of others to understand your weakness, that will rally be helpful at this stage
Don’t – don’t depend on luck in your examinations, you will be shocked that nothing is favoring you
Confusion about property or place of stay is valid, if you are trying to invest in some new property then think again, postpone this decision unless you are absolutely sure
Day special – you may also be confused on the fact that whether you will be able to raise any loan for property or not, your worries may be valid, be sure before you commit

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