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Saturday, February 23, 2008

23rd February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried for your studies but his realization is also good enough for you to do well now, but shed your uneasiness it will not help
Day special – you are not only uneasy but confused also, that can make you tense in your career also
Home and family related concerns are there, but you are trying to handle all these issues well, lack of trust is the worst thought on your mind
Do – students are working well, this effort will help you immensely
Don’t – don’t ignore your career, don’t also underestimate your own abilities
Your involvement towards home and family will bring a lot of luck to you, but you are dissatisfied about your own efforts
Day special – your expenses and losses can bother you, that is a self created mistake, but your career is very stable
Your money may be stuck and you may be distressed on account of that, it is a loss which you will have to incur
Do – control your routine stress factors, that makes you undecided and confused
Don’t – get into arguments with your boss, the reasons for that are unfortunate and not valid
If you talk over your differences then your differences will be resolved, for that this period is very favourable
Day special – you must improve your eating and drinking habits, that can lead to health concerns also
Health concerns are there, some fever or bone related problem can also surface, don’t ignore it, take proper treatment
Do – work hard towards your studies
Don’t – don’t waste your money, this period can make you lose money, don’t be careless
You are worried for some love relationship, you are confused about the emotions and intensions of your partner in that relationship
Day special – your thinking is not on the right path, that gives lack of focus, if you show your sincerity then nothing will be wrong
Worries for home and family may be there, the internal working of your organization is suffering, you have to shed confusions and focus better
Do – forge ahead with conviction, depend on your abilities
Don’t – don’t let your partners or associates cause any loss to you, move carefully
Your circumstances will make you work very hard, even if there are some confusions, still you have to move ahead and achieve a lot
Day special – this period is very lucky for you, luck is the major force which will guide your destiny in this period
Sudden gains are indicated, but you will have to protect your finances in any case, your career has become stable, but your finances need more care
Do – look at the positive side of life
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts or arguments, especially in any conflict connected with money
Excellent support for you from everyone, but psychologically you have to be more at ease
Day special – expenses are in the category of loss only, , you have to control that otherwise you will be put to loss only
Health concerns and wastages are there, but the reasons are not as valid as you think, you are not taking proper care of your self
Do – take care of health and take proper treatment, try to take proper treatment
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts with bosses, that will bother you

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