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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You need to invest more in your business, even you can consider some partnership for that
Do – if in love or in any family partnership then control your anger
Don’t – don’t get into any differences with partners if you are considering any business partnership
Extremely lucky period, home family relationships monetary inflows all are giving happiness for you
Do – travels can led to expenses, expenses can lead to problems, avoid that
Don’t – don’t get into differences with elders just because you are being forceful you should not push everyone
Weak period, emotions are in distress, conflicts are increasing, studies are suffering
Do – spouse is very supportive, maintain harmony in marriage
Don’t – don’t think that money can bring you everything, it cannot buy you peace
Gains from property, overall prosperity, but profession is under stress
Do – increase your focus towards your work, there is no substitute for hard work in life
Don’t – don’t don’t get into changes or travels connected with profession
Personal and professional differences have to be controlled, even financial issues can cause upsets, lot of patience is needed
Day special – you are yourself getting agitated, that needs to be controlled, conflicts can cause psychological upsets, and spoil your health
Very favourable period, auspiciousness and prosperity for you, inflow of funds may be under pressure
Do – increase your focus towards studies now, , that is required
Don’t – don’t get into problems with boss differences and arguments can surface
Very lucky period, but any change of place must be done with careful thought
Do – you understand the strength of family bonding, continue that focus
Don’t – don’t have arguments with spouse, especially in financial matters
Weak period, family problems and differences with spouse, career may be stable but lot of confusions
Do – take care of health, you have been ignoring it
Don’t – get into business travels, that can be wasteful
Period of financial gains, but marital differences must be resolved
Do – have detailed discussions if you have any differences, this exchange of views can solve problems
Don’t – don’t be too rigid or egoistic in your attitude
Very auspicious period profession grows and your abilities shine, students can move ahead without pressure now
Do – move ahead for professional growth now, that was stagnating for a while
Don’t – don’t get into arguments in any love relationship
Weak period, marital differences, overalls stress, financial position remains strong
Day special – professional and financial position is stable but stress is there on personal front, that needs careful handling
Financial position is under lot of pressure, even conflicts can be there connected with that
Do – control your outflows, that can lead to problems take proper care investigations and treatment
Don’t – don’t get into any financial dealings at this stage, that can lead to conflicts and differences of opinion

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