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Thursday, February 28, 2008

28th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Ups and downs in your career make you depressed, generally there is nothing wrong, but you are not satisfied
Day special – your strength lies in your abilities, your weakness lies in your dissatisfactions, you have to understand your strengths and weaknesses
Very stable period, some family situation or partnership may bother you, that puts stress on you psychologically
Do – be mild and soft in your attitude, sweet tongue can win many enemies
Don’t – don’t be depressed or sensitive, that is a negative trait which must be controlled
Health concerns may bother you, that can indirectly put pressure in your life as obstacles
Day special – career is stable, you are very firm and egoistic, even that causes pressures and differences
Emotional involvement can cause lot of distress, nothing will be achieved, too many obstacles for you, it is better you get away from it
Do – being sensitive will not help, be firm and forceful
Don’t – don’t get into conflict in any love relationship, you are being too harsh in your speech
Family issues are upsetting, students are doing well, property gains can be there, but they may come with great difficulty
Day special – health concerns can get aggravated, this needs care now, because you have ignored it in the past
You are trying to study well but your focus is still diverted, you are thinking about so many things at the same time
Do – pressures in your career, protect your self from that with care and peace
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts with boss
Very auspicious period but you are confused and uneasy, you are dissatisfied with your career also
Day special – monetary situation is stable, shed your uneasiness and dissatisfactions, that only will bring happiness in life
You are very stressed, your efforts are very erratic and unstable, that puts so much pressure on you
Do – your financial position is stable, but try to make a habit of doing constant efforts on daily basis
Don’t – don’t have doubts on the strength of your career, that can reduce the efforts and faith in yourself, don’t do that
You are getting worried for far off linkages, you must control that otherwise this will led to depression
Day special – have a lot of peace of mind, some exercise and spiritual inclination will also help
You are very dissatisfied with the pressures on your financial position, career is stable and that is a divine blessing, but you have to derive happiness also
Do – take the support of your partner, take financial support also if needed
Don’t – don’t put your money into any risky venture to become rich fast
Any change of job career or transfer can upset you, you don’t want to upset the stability of your life at this stage
Day special – all this is happening because you are not having stable thinking, don’t think too much, relax for a while
You are depending too much on luck, that makes you uneasy, your studies are not proceeding well, there are weaknesses in that also
Do – have faith in God, any dissatisfaction reduces that faith
Don’t – don’t get into financial disputes, this stress is constantly bothering you, don’t get agitated on account of that

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