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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

19th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are on the right path of thinking, this is a practical view under which you are having a balanced involvement towards home children career
Day special – ups and downs of your efforts will now be removed, you are firm in your attitude, any business investment will be rewarding
Very auspicious period, full of self confidence, no negativities, no problems, God is kind
Do – do the right and have a lot of faith in God, your hard work will be rewarded
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust in your work family and yourself
Excellent period for financial gains luck will support you in that, you will be under pressure nevertheless there are pressures and sudden obstacles
Day special – routine pressures have to be kept under control, expenses and losses can cause upsets, even differences of arguments must be controlled
Financial pressures may be there, but you will handle this situation well, your stable thinking is very important at this stage that gives you understanding as to what is good or bad for you
Do – after the past period of setback or pressures in career now is the time to forge ahead in life
Don’t – don’t ignore the importance of family support and happiness, you will get it in abundance
Weak period, arguments in marital issues must be controlled
Day special – this is a period in which don’t be too stiff in your attitude, protect yourself form professional and financial pressures, or arguments connected with that
Excellent period for financial gains but your wasteful and unplanned expenses will spoil the strength of financial gains also
Do – professional stability is ensured, your hard work will further improve the growth in career
Don’t – don’t be too bothered by small obstacles in your career, but don’t ignore the aspect of losses due to poor quality whether in business or profession
Very promising period for professional competence, all this will give you gains and happiness also, luck supports you immensely in your professional growth in the form of promotion
Day special – you will have to improve your knowledge, this is the time for everyone including students to study well and prepare yourself well for future
Despite pressures your involvement towards work is remarkable, you will withstand your pressures with this focused involvement
Do – luck supports you but increase your involvement towards spiritual pursuits
Don’t – don’t have too much focus towards money, rather it is better to focus towards quality of work
Psychologically you may be under pressure but you may be firm in your attitude, very lucky period generally
Day special – your effort and your luck complement each other that is a very positive indication
Your being too firm in your attitude can lead to ups and downs in life, there can be some obstacles for you in this period as well
Do – take the support of others that will prove beneficial in your career
Don’t – don’t be careless someone may cheat you of your money
Loans finances expenses and financial disputes all these can be there, but you are not weak in any way, you can handle these issues well with your abilities
Day special – you have to depend on others, ask for help and you will get it
There can be conflicts in your relationships, but you are committed from your side and the is no cause for concern, but your elders may not support you
Do – you are honest in your approach hence don’t worry
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, there may be hidden upsets in them

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