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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

6th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Most promising period, career is stable, family happiness is like a dream, this kind of influence makes everything smooth
Do – avoid differences with your brothers and sisters
Don’t – don’t be to stiff, this situation makes a person a little proud
This is a favourable period to involve in family, your children needs have to be met, more than that spend time with them
Do – try to find time for the family, you are too busy in your own world
Don’t – don’t have differences over money matters
Psychologically upsetting period, you can spoil your health, you are not taking care of your self
Do – follow the precautions in eating and in lifestyle
Don’t – don’t let thoughts for change spoil the happiness and stability of life
Despite focus towards family, there are minor differences, from your side there is no weakness, you are doing your duty, leave the rest to God
Day special – career needs to be protected, have a mild attitude, don’t impose your thoughts on others
Health concerns bother you, some expenses or losses can be the cause of problems for you
Day special – weak period protect the stability of your life with care and poise, don’t ignore this importance
Financial stability from career is intact, but needless and routine pressures spoil this goodness, have a balanced view about life
Do – try to remove differences in love relationships
Don’t – don’t let your needs and desires increase, that is the root cause of all the troubles in life
Excellent period for career, the balance between work and family is good, this gives you immense pleasure
Do – maintain involvement towards family, this will give you gains and happiness
Don’t – don’t ignore the property matters, even that can be rewarding
Very lucky period for career, luck supports you in your efforts also, that will make all the difference
Do – make the best of these good times, and move fast to achieve your goals
Don’t – don’t be tense with property related confusions, they will be resolved soon
Everything is all right, but psychologically you tend to be uneasy, there are mental factors which need to be controlled
Do – be pleasant to others, that will lead to getting support from others
Don’t – don’t have a conflicting attitude, avoid differences
Support from spouse is total, but you are still not satisfied, luck is also supportive
Do – try to resolve the ongoing disputes and pressures in life
Don’t – don’t worry, gradual improvement is now visible to give you the stability
Health concerns and conflicts will be there, , your stiff ness of attitude will lead to your own loss
Do – try to gain knowledge at this stage, that will help
Don’t – don’t consider needless changes, even don’t get into arguments
Love relationship need to be protected, that requires your total involvement
Do – take family support in your efforts
Don’t – don’t let lack of trust spoil the relationships

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