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Saturday, February 2, 2008

2nd February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are now again trying to work hard to make your career, this is a repeat attempt and it can give you success
Day special – favourable period for your attempts to be positive, but control your tendency to get into differences of opinion
Extremely positive and lucky period, you tend to worry for emotional involvements and get dejected,
Do – involvement towards home and family should be total, half hearted attempt will not help
Don’t – don’t be over sensitive, that can lead to psychological differences with your spouse
Your thinking has become too erratic, that is causing routine obstacles in life, even family matters come under pressure
Day special – financial position is stable, career is growing, but health needs care, work related stress should not cause upsets in health
You are considering the changes or movement in life all over again, but you are very confused and dissatisfied
Do – consider all kinds of pros and cons very carefully, to take the right step at the right time is important
Don’t – don’t take any hasty decision, if you are not satisfied then don’t take the change
Funds may flow out for health care, or for repayment of loans, out of these two it is better to repay
Do – take care of health by proper investigation and treatment
Don’t – don’t have dissatisfactions about money, actually there is nothing to worry
Consider the change of job only if there is scope to show case your abilities
Day special – consider the hidden factors very carefully in taking any big decision, because there are some factors of reversal, you may have to change your decision
Lucky financial inflows but also immediate expenses towards home property or family, God is kind that your needs are being met adequately,
Do – have a pleasant disposition and be sweet to others
Don’t – don’t have dissatisfactions connected with work, because of that you can loose interest your work
Financial gains from your career are good, but routine stress bothers you, you tend to get very depressed
Do – take care of health constant pressures are causing these concerns
Don’t – don’t be uneasy, there is no reason for that
You may have some thoughts connected with change of job, it can be a good idea, you may consider the change at this stage
Day special – you had missed some opportunity, it is coming back to you, now is the time to consider it carefully, it may give you financial gains also
Financial disputes need to be controlled, it may depress you and worry you, but for many problems you are yourself responsible as you have made mistakes
Do – try and learn to trust others, you are suspecting everyone around you
Don’t – don’t become too tense that is becoming your habit, whether there is any reason for that or not
If you improve your knowledge your support form others will increase, you are now realizing its importance
Day special – professional dissatisfactions must be shed, this is a favourable period for you, you must take advantage of these good times
Generally lucky period but you will have to focus and overcome hurdles for that
Do – you will have to move ahead with forcefulness now
Don’t – don’t attempt anything with disheartened attitude, that will not help

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