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Thursday, February 21, 2008

21st February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Studies are inadequate, you are confused and dissatisfied, but there is no time for that, if you have to excel then increase your efforts
Day special – you are not confident about yourself, that is the biggest weakness, if you change that then your settlement and success is ensured
Your concerns hover around your home and family, because you wish to do and achieve much more for them, if in business then you may consider some family partnership also
Do – trust family members for smooth flow of happiness
Don’t – don’t let your money be stuck in some risky venture
Your own efforts need to be improved, there are self created mistakes which cause problems
Day special – it is a generally lucky period, your own attitude and focus should be positive then nothing is adverse
Financial pressures may remain but God is kind in many ways, improve your eating and drinking habits, that can cause health concerns
Do – control your anger that is the root cause of many problems
Don’t – over eating can cause health concerns, there can be increase in eight also, don’t let that happen
Weak period, conflicts or psychological upsets, have a peaceful existence, otherwise your money will be stuck in needless issues and conflicts
Day special – your career can be under pressure, these may be routine matters but lot of patience is needed
Very lucky period, your involvement in a focused manner can solve many problems, that can bring a lot of auspiciousness, hence professional focus must be maintained
Do – take care of health, mental health in the form of peace of mind is also important
Don’t – don’t be psychologically distressed, getting uneasy is becoming a habit with you, don’t let that happen
Financial dissatisfactions can be there, but profession is rewarding, these issues are largely made up in the mind and not real
Day special – you must devote time now for gaining knowledge and skills that is your biggest strength, your efforts have lots of ups and downs and lack of stability
You are dissatisfied about your career, but there is lot of protections because you work hard and God is kind to shower his blessings
Do – this is the time to move ahead forcefully now
Don’t – don’t remain dissatisfied, it is being thankless to God for his blessings
You tend to blame your luck for everything, but the reality is that luck is generally supportive towards you, hence you have to understand that subtle indication in life
Day special – generally favourable period with no cause for concern, mental worries or dissatisfactions need to be removed, there is no scope for that
You are worried for minor obstacles which are continuing, many things have been resolved, the remaining small issues will also be resolved soon
Do – pressures of every kind. But look at the positive side of life
Don’t – don’t think that everything is a struggle, it may be true partially, but it makes your thinking negative
Maintain excellent cooperation in marriage, shed doubts and fears and you will get happiness
Day special – minor psychological conflicts need to be forgotten, these have no scope in life
Health issues are such that proper investigation is not being done, you are ignoring it and also getting worried
Do – take care, try to take proper treatment
Don’t – don’t have differences with your boss, your pressures will increase on account of that

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