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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

If emotions have a linkage with your work place then you must protect it, there can be inbuilt stress and differences in that
Do – you have been stagnating for a while, now the time has come to move ahead forcefully
Don’t – don’t have any lack of involvement whether it is for work or for any relationship
Putting in money for home family or property requires firm decisions, you are undecided but the opportunity is in front of you
Day special – generally favourable period, luck will support your decision if you decide about investment now, don’t be uneasy, obstacles will be removed soon
Stressful period, tensions in home and family, some written matter or documents can be a source of tension
Day special – protect your important papers, some one may try to take advantage of that, they can be financial or property related documents also
Money may be spent on travels, but these travels may not prove to be rewarding, hence take steps to protect yourself form these wastages
Day special – any travel career related or personal should be planned properly, just because your finances are stable you are taking these risks
You are creating disputes and also getting into them needlessly,
Do – trust others, that will avoid problems, take care of health also
Don’t – don’t get into any financial dealings, that can lead to problems and differences
Your love for someone is more for physical desire rather than emotional involvement, that is not desirable
Do – family bonding is excellent, derive happiness from that
Don’t – don’t jump at any job change, don’t ignore the importance of your abilities which should be suitable for the job
Investment in property is indicated, that effort can be fruitful and give you gains also
Day special – your involvement and efforts are very good, but your abilities connected with effort need to be improved by gain of knowledge
Your effort is take your career to higher levels of strength and achievements
Do – make all out efforts in this period, this planetary influence can really support you
Don’t – don’t be slow, don’t have lack of self confidence
Very lucky period, all kinds of support and gains for you, but don’t take this goodness lightly
Day special – protect your self from situations in which there are differences with boss, silently your boss is being supportive for you, but you have to understand that goodness
Obstacles from boss but lot of care and patience is needed, many situations which were stuck will start moving now
Do – travels can be helpful, work related involvement in travels can give good results
Don’t – investment in business can be necessary, but don’t spend too much, it can be wasteful
Problems in family and in marriage, can bother you, differences can be there for financial reasons also
Day special – you are being too emotional, that leads to uneasiness and lack of concentration, that leads to differences of opinion, if you understand these steps then you can protect your self
Even disputes or differences can lead to financial gains for you, but you will lose in some other form, hence there is need for moderation
Do – health of spouse needs care, especially if t has anything to do with bones or back
Don’t – don’t get into too many pressures of work, that is causing obstacles in your growth

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