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Monday, February 25, 2008

25th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You feel that despite your efforts your obstacles are still persisting, even there are upsets in career, which need to be handled better
Do – take the support of your business partners in any financial need
Don’t – don’t get upset with routine pressures, even some expenses or investment in career needs to be done, don’t be upset with that
Differences in marriage can be for financial reasons, there is too much expense and too many demands from your spouse
Day special – there are psychological differences between you and your spouse, that is on the thinking front, but try to resolve these differences for attaining happiness in life
You wish to raise loans to meet your expenses, , nothing can be more unfortunate than that, your funds may be wasted in this process
Do – your business is stable, that does not need funds at this stage, try to understand that
Don’t – don’t take loans to meet your needs or for spending on your pleasures
Any change of place or change in professional circumstances are on your mind, but you may change your decision at a later date
Day special – any kind of changed situation can have hidden upsets for you, hence don’t think that path to be right, think carefully
Very auspicious period for financial gains, even gains from some property can be there
Do – protect your self from stress of oppositions
Don’t – don’t be too tense, these routine matters are made up in the mind,, the issues are not real
Obstacles in profession can bother you, these may be issues connected with your boss also, , but those issues have lot of confusions and less of reality
Day special – business gains are well indicated, if you are in some manufacturing business then there may be problems with the manufacturing process
You think that spending money can buy you peace, that may not be fully true, God is kind and there is nothing to worry
Do – as such it is a lucky period, depend on that goodness and take advantage of the good times
Don’t – don’t be dependent on money alone, it cannot buy you everything in life
Psychologically you are stressed that everything is not smooth, financial inflows are stable, but your expenses are almost as high
Day special – despite stress your career is moving in the right direction, there is nothing to worry, but you are too forceful, even at the cost of making mistakes
Emotional affairs can get activated, but there may be inbuilt factors of stress as well as differences, far off linkages can be activated, you may also think of change of job
Do – devote time towards marriage and relationships
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts at your work place, stay calm
Financial disputes may bother you, but if you have borrowed money then you will have to repay that also
Day special – family disputes must be controlled especially if it has any connection with money or finances, take care of health as you are ignoring that
On the professional front you will have to prove you abilities, that is the need because some weakness is creeping into that
Do – increase your efforts at this stage, both areas of professional as well as personal, also for your studies, that will be helpful
Don’t – don’t be distressed psychologically, don’t be so sensitive, that can make you very unhappy without sufficient cause
Very auspicious period for financial gains, but you will have to depend on your partners or associates for help or support
Day special – profession or business is stable but you will have to protect yourself from arguments with the boss

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