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Saturday, February 16, 2008

16th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You really wish to fulfill your dreams in life, that is very important, your focus is so good that you will achieve a lot
Day special – don’t panic, God is kind, there is nothing to worry, avoid any kind of differences at your work place, they may be routine differences but protect your self from that
Differences with spouse must be controlled, even expenses and wastages have to be controlled, your financial position can get into pressures because of these differences
Do – try to maintain harmonious relations in the family
Don’t – don’t be so forceful in your attitude, because that can be the cause for these differences
Your own mistakes can lead to losses for you, you are not realizing this fact
Day special – don’t have unstable thinking, don’t try to borrow funds at this stage, as that will not give any rewards
You are too forcefully thinking about changes in your career, but don’t take any hasty decisions, this is a generally stressful period and this requires a lot of patience
Do – you must improve your knowledge connected with your work
Don’t – don’t get into differences with boss or any important person at your work place, especially if it has anything to do with your skills and knowledge
Period for very lucky financial inflows, but you have to avoid any conflict connected with career
Day special – if you have taken loans earlier then this is the period to repay that, students will benefit from their hard work
Despite very focused involvement you are not able to control the pressures and obstacles at your work place, still I feel that lot of protection is there
Do – God is kind and there is nothing to fear, hence continue to do your duty, leave everything else to God
Don’t – avoid stress as that can lead to health upsets
Stable period for financial prosperity, you have the ability to grab the right opportunity at the right time, , that will make this period more auspicious
Day special – very lucky period for investment in property, you can actually take the right decision for that goal
Stressful period because you are making it so, you are thinking too much and getting depressed, work related pressures can be there
Do – take care of health, that is also connected with your stress
Don’t – don’t panic, you will be able to do well, don’t be too stressed, constant efforts will bring stability
Emotional involvement can be very strong, that can also push you towards decision for marriage, your own thinking is very stable
Day special – your spouse can be in a fighting mood, if that is the case then you have to keep patience, , one person must keep quiet only then peace is achieved
Family or financial disputes can be there, because you are constantly getting agitated about that
Do – focus towards your career, that is becoming a strong factor
Don’t – don’t get not any kind of financial pressure, that is the real weakness, just avoid that pressure at this stage, don’t think too much about it
Excellent period for happiness and prosperity, you are very keen to improve your skills also
Day special – confusion must be shed, take the support of your spouse, try to ignore minor differences, accept the fact that minor issues are everywhere for everyone
Try to gain from some property investment or from family linkages, very lucky period for financial prosperity also
Do – try to understand the views of your boss, he may have a valid point
Don’t – don’t ignore the health factor, that is because of your negative thinking

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