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Friday, February 29, 2008

29th February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Devote time towards your hobbies, any talent connected with speaking or writing must be improved, even small efforts to improve your abilities will give big gains
Day special – you are a bit depressed, small obstacles are part of life, take it as a challenge
Very lucky period, your performance is not upto the mark, but luck is very supportive, you are devoting time only towards relationships
Do – involve more towards controlling differences in family
Don’t – don’t be uneasy and dissatisfied in life, you are doing well and achieving well
Health concerns may be there, and that is a worrying matter, but protection is also there, keep your self firm and have positive thinking
Day special – strength of your work can cover many weaknesses and control many upsets, have that faith
Travels change of place or movement can bother you, students are also worried because precious time has been lost
Do – travels can give financial gains try to take advantage of that
Don’t – don’t ignore your studies, this precious time will also slip out of your hands, don’t ignore this reality
Financial and professional matters may become weak, because you are getting into that pressure yourself, but your abilities are excellent
Day special – your financial gains are generally lucky, that is the reasons that you are putting everything to risk, , don’t do that
Excellent period for professional gains, you can achieve that by constant involvement, also by improvement of your knowledge
Do – your knowledge needs to be improved, you also must shed your self-doubts
Don’t – don’t think just about money only, think about hard work, money will come on its own
Generally lucky period, but some thoughts about change of place may also be there, take any decision with proper planning only
Day special – you are generally not happy with your professional situation, dissatisfactions have to be controlled, there is a chance that you may reverse your decision later
Inflows may be good but outflows are also there, routine pressures will make you work hard, but you are spoiling your health with this pressure
Do – devote time and energy towards removing these pressures, that will make your destiny
Don’t – don’t be dependent on luck, you will go wrong on that
Professional and business gains are ensured in abundance, but mental pressures will be constantly there, you will have to maintain your self-confidence
Day special – don’t be so sensitive and uneasy, it is essential that you don’t become pessimistic
In studies and also in career avoid any differences or disputes, even in any love relationship maintain peace, don’t be so agitated
Do – luck will support you, you can depend on that for stability
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, you will loose, luck will not support you in any financial matter
Any love relationship can have inbuilt stress, routine pressures may also be there, but don’t think of taking any extreme step as a reaction to oppositions
Day special – don’t have professional dissatisfactions, a lot of peace and stability is required at this stage
Financial gains are indicated, happiness form home and family is also there, generally stable and auspicious period, try to gain happiness from that
Do – family linkages are very supportive, try to gin happiness from that
Don’t – don’t think that luck is not supportive, actually the situation is that your expectations are very big

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