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Friday, February 1, 2008

1st February 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Good professional and financial stability, but dissatisfactions of mind will still be there
Do – continue to be focused towards your work, this is a very good and rewarding period for that, that is your real strength in this period
Don’t – don’t be uneasy by being depressed, by doing this you are spoiling the strength of your own work
Excellent period but luck makes it so, your own efforts and focus is spoilt in this period
Day special – dissatisfactions towards work home and family must be reduced, then only you will gain the full impact of this period
Health concerns and connected obstacles, even some treatment and car is indicated, there may be some possibility of some surgery also
Do – career is your strength, even love some love relationship developing and leading to marriage is possible
Don’t – don’t have conflicts of differences or arguments in relationships, protect your self from that
You are dissatisfied about emotions and relationships, it may lead to further differences of opinion,
Do – involve with your children with a positive attitude
Don’t – don’t be critical in your approach, don’t find faults with others
Concerns about home property and even children, some differences as well as dissatisfactions
Do – involve with spouse better, , try to understand his/ her viewpoint also
Don’t – don’t get into any financial conflicts, that will further depress you
In love relationship lot of care is needed, you are not doing enough, your thinking is also negative
Do – work hard for your career, this period can be very supportive
Don’t – don’t get cheated in some relationship, don’t expect too much
Excellent period for your abilities to shine, gain of money from auspiciousness, but you want much more
Do – your path is right, your financial gains are excellent, maintain this effort
Don’t – don’t expect too much from your children, be realistic in approach
Generally stable period in your life, , but ups and downs of thinking make you uneasy
Day special – there is need for stable and constant efforts in your life, you have been having doubts in your own hard work, whereas you have been doing fine, don’t worry everything is alright
Lucky period for financial well being, that gives you all the strength and auspiciousness, but your erratic spending will continue
Do – try to move forward in terms of professional goals, not backwards
Don’t – don’t be psychologically uneasy, that is your weakness, control that
Financial inflows are under pressure, but accumulated funds are intact, there is no need to worry, this is a pressure for a brief period
Day special – don’t get into any financial dealings which has confusions, avoid any kind of dispute, also have patience
Your involvement towards partners is erratic, you are wasting money also because of this lack of focus
Do – control your routine stress, even routine expenses
Don’t – don’t be dissatisfied with your work, you are doing fine
Financial disputes may lead to loss, someone may try to cheat you also
Do – repay your loans and reduce your liabilities, at least try to do that
Don’t – don’t be disheartened for lack of focus towards your studies, try to improve your efforts

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