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Friday, July 11, 2008

11th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to progress in life, for that you are getting a little uneasy, don’t worry everything is fine, your efforts are remarkable, you are progressing well
Day special – you are thinking of alternatives to achieve this progress in life, but there is no need as your own efforts are very positive, you will achieve immensely and luck is supporting you in this
You feel distressed as you think that luck does not support you, actually the situation is very stable and there is no cause for concern, your dissatisfactions are made up in your mind
Do – career is stable but you want some change in that, but you are not satisfied about it yourself, postpone this decision for a while
Don’t – don’t be so uneasy, your dependence on friends will actually bring unhappiness to you, don’t depend on others in this period
Your self-confidence is remarkable, but you are loosing it out of confusions, career is stable and there is nothing to worry, but you want magical gains and that is an impractical thought
Day special – if you want sudden gains then you should be prepared for sudden losses also, this is not the period to risk your money in any thing speculative, avoid any such thought
You are dissatisfied about home family and property; actually you are putting your money also into risk, that is increasing these dissatisfactions
Do – career needs to be addressed better, problem from employees or obstacles can cause upsets, your own involvement needs to be improved
Don’t – don’t expect any help or support from others, that may not come to you, and that will make you unhappy, don’t expect any thing which is not going to happen
Weak period because health concerns can be there, actually you are not sure whether there is a problem or not, some investigations are still required
Day special – you are putting your career into risk, your own efforts are confused and not in the right direction, even in family issues there can be conflicts avoid them
You are not happy the way your studies are progressing, this is a real obstacle as it can threaten your efforts
Do – make your thinking stable and improve your attitude, that can lead to fulfillment of your dreams in a big way
Don’t – don’t take any drastic step with your profession out of confusion, such a decision can go wrong because you are not thinking rationally, don’t let that happen
Your thoughts are hovering towards your home and family, you will gain from all these linkages, god is kind to give you this goodness and prosperity
Day special – luck is on your side and financial position is excellent, there is nothing to worry except that you are having this tendency to worry, that in itself is a worry which you are not able to control
Weak period as your thoughts are also becoming negative, you are worried about expenses travels and efforts towards your work
Do – improve upon your efforts as that is the weak area, your family needs better care and support from your side and that is something which you must do
Don’t – don’t be impulsive in your attitude, don’t think negatively as that is increasing your pressures, routine pressures have to be controlled and financial situation needs to be protected
You are worried for the financial position, you are now realizing that money is important and cannot be wasted, some one may even try to cheat you on that
Day special – god is kind and there is nothing adverse, financial position is under stress which must be understood, don’t lend money to anybody as it may not be recovered
Stressful period because your thinking is making it so, routine pressures are many and that is the real problem, but your involvement towards work is praiseworthy
Do – continue to take care of your family, even if you are not satisfied with the situation
Don’t – don’t let any uneasiness or depression over power you, problems are there for everybody, but you have to move ahead with conviction and solve them, don’t let uneasiness create distress in your life
You are worried for far off linkages, that can put pressure in home and family also, this includes wasteful expenses which can be troublesome
Day special – lot of patience is required at this stage in whatever you are doing or thinking as this factor of uneasiness is spoiling the stability of your life, don’t let that happen
You are risking your money immensely, if you continue to do that you will incur heavy losses, still there is time to understand this
Do – concentrate on your own work, don’t look for magical gains, continue to work hard as that is your biggest strength
Don’t – don’t risk your money as losses are indicated, even entering into any dispute will lead to losses only, don’t ignore this

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