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Monday, July 28, 2008

28th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi

This is a period for financial gains, also for savings and for overall prosperity, you can gain from property as well as investments
Do – in this goodness be pleasant to others, especially to your friends and family members, that will give you happiness
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts with your near and dear one's, that includes your family children and spouse, don’t let any differences of opinion surface
Your hard work will bring excellent results, you are very focused and that is a blessing, this will lead to all round gains from you
Day special – the gains are specifically indicated for students, your effort to increase knowledge will give you success, your focus therefore is in the right direction
In your own stiffness you may make bad decisions, those can be for expenses or for losses, either way you have to protect yourself
Do – the right path for you is connected with your work, family and children are very supportive and you will get happiness from them, you have to spend time with them
Don’t – don’t let your money get into risk, that is a real problem which can lead to upsets, don’t let that happen and protect yourself
Excellent financial gains because of your own efforts, it cannot be better as everything is supporting you
Day special – routine pressures and obstacles can still bother you, these obstacles can be for your career also, but the foremost need is to protect your financial gains, don’t let those gains get wasted
This is a period in which you can make mistakes, more than that you are being rigid in your attitude, you are not listening to others by taking any advice
Do – there is need for you to be more humble, that will help you appreciate others point of view also, that will reduce differences of opinion
Don’t – don’t bring unnecessary changes in your career, your hard work is appreciated, but that does not mean that you can be right in everything, hence don’t make mistakes
Excellent financial prospects, gains from every source that will make you happy, luck is on your side and that is a blessing
Day special – care and protection is the key word, take precautions so that there are no big losses, financial prosperity does not mean you risk your money
You are doing well in your career but you are creating pressures for yourself, these may be routine pressures but they can upset you, in your own forcefulness you seem to be doing fine
Do – control your pressures and your stiff attitude, that can lead to upsets in your career, that needs lot of protection
Don’t – don’t have any lack of trust in other, that can be another reason for professional problems, don’t let these obstacles emerge because of your rigid nature
Very lucky period generally, you are supportive and helpful to others, but the same cannot be said about others towards you
Day special – differences in marital life can bother you, from your side you are doing everything for others, but you have your own pressures to handle
Weak period psychologically, you are under pressure, that can have health related upsets also
Do – protect yourself and your interests in this weak period, lot of patience will help you to overcome these hidden problems
Don’t – don’t be harsh to anyone and don’t be sarcastic to anyone, your humility lies in your goodness, good periods and bad periods will come and go, you don’t loose your temper
Some love relationship can be very strong, but there are too many obstacles for comfort
Day special – business partners need to be handled better, there are many issues which bother you, monetary issues are paramount
Conflicts in home and family can bother you even some property related matters can surface, all that requires your appreciating the other person’s point of view
Do – listen to others as that will help you, conflicts cannot solve the problem, be calm and stable in your thinking
Don’t – don’t get into any legal complication, that can actually harm your interests, that can also lead to wasteful losses, hence don’t let that happen
You are working hard to achieve your goals, that is a remarkable indication, it can make your career and your destiny
Day special – in all this goodness this is not the period to start any new business, that can lead to problems and financial disputes, have patience for a while and clarity will emerge in due course

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