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Monday, July 28, 2008

29th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi

Your focus is practical and rewarding, you wish to gain from knowledge and from family, your forcefulness will benefit you
Day special – dependence of relationships may not help, there are hidden obstacles and differences, it is better remain focused towards your work or studies or gain of knowledge
You are too forcefully thinking about change of place, that can include change of career also, travel transport or movement is on your mind
Do – proper planning can actually give you benefit, as such the period is stable to support and help you in every way
Don’t – in your forcefulness don’t get into differences of opinion, listen to others to protect your interests, don’t spend without thinking
Health concerns and obstacles can bother you, psychologically you may be firm but it is a weak peorid
Day special – in your own attitude of stiffness you can cause your own harm, that can put pressures on you and can lead to losses, protect yourself from that, take care of health also
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, your own hard work will bring excellent results, auspiciousness is connected with you in every way
Do – financial prosperity is intact but professional stability is to be ensured, obstacles are there which need to be attended to, you will have devote time towards that
Don’t – don’t ignore inherent factors of differences, luck may be supportive but ups and downs of thinking can cause differences, don’t let that happen
Very auspicious period in every way, but conflict in home family and marriage need to be protected,
Day special – changes in career are indicated, it is more of a desire then a reality, but protect your money in this entire situation
Weak period as troubles may continue, the financial prosperity is very well indicated, you will gain from this situation immensely
Do – financial stability cannot give you everything, you have to devote time to avoid obstacles also, protect yourself from losses
Don’t – don’t put the stability of career into risk, boss may be difficult and you have to protect your interests
You are comfortable with money but worried for career, as such there is nothing wrong in career, but pressures and stress is there
Day special – luck is favoring you in many ways, but stability has to be maintained, changes or alternatives are not actually required
Your commitment to whatever you do is excellent, that show how focus you are, very lucky period in many ways
Do – you are still thinking about bringing changes in your career, this is for advancement and luck can favor you on that
Don’t – don’t be stressed with routine pressures, that is actually bothering you more, that can cause differences of opinion also, don’t let that happen
Students can benefits immensely with there hard work, but far off linkages may not be as auspicious as you think
Day special – psychological worries can still be upsetting, you are thinking too much and thinking negatively, that needs to be protected
Weak period as pressures continue, financial matter need better handling, protect your family happiness at all process
Do – emotional or love relationship can give you happiness, but many pressures are also there which need to be handled now
Don’t – don’t be too firm or egoistic in your attitude, as such luck is favoring you, hence don’t be stiff in your attitude
Professional matters need focus attention, your hard work can bring excellent results, travels or far off linkages are also indicated
Day special – marital pressures are also continuing, even relationships are under pressure, all that need lot of attention
Mixed period in many ways, students can work hard and benefit from this period, but financial pressures can continue
Do – stay focused towards your career or your studies, relationships need better handling, wasteful expenses must be avoided
Don’t – don’t expect miracles at this stage, stable and focused hard work is required, don’t ignore that need

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