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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2nd July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to gain from your abilities, you wish to succeed in life with your hard work, you must accomplish this now
Do – work hard for fulfillment of your goals, this period is supportive and you must try to do that with your focused involvement
Don’t – don’t have doubts about abilities as that is your biggest enemy, you are stressed because of that reason, don’t let that happen as it will reduce your own performance
Change of place is on your mind, even you are looking at options or alternatives for change of job, but there are many hidden factors connected with that
Day special – consider all those hidden factors carefully especially the factors of movement or change of place, find out the facts before you make the decision
Weak period for health factors, many hidden issues may come up to cause upsets, if your don’t care even hospitalization can be there
Do – take due precaution at this stage, take all the investigations and then take proper treatment
Don’t – don’t ignore this fact as this is important, career is stable and anything to do with that can wait, personal well being is more important at this stage, don’t ignore that
Very auspicious period, but psychologically you are stressed because of obstacles, factors of uneasiness can spoil the stability of life, but god is kind in many ways
Day special – gain from these forces and don’t be stressed, routine pressures may be there but gains are immense, do all this with a tight control on your outflows
Very auspicious period for financial gains, even unexpected gains can be there, but lot of care is needed at this stage
Do – protect yourself from differences, protect yourself from obstacles, stay connected to your profession as that is the only gainful situation at this stage, overall lucky period
Don’t – don’t get into disputes at this stage, that can spoil the goodness of this period, even in relationships there are inherent pressures, don’t let that happen
Weak period in many ways, pressures are also for outflows or losses, you are depending on luck and that may not be the right thing to do, career is stable but any speculation must be avoided
Day special – be careful in this period as there can be losses, someone may cheat you and that is the main factor of this upsetting period
Very auspicious period for monetary gains, luck favors you in many way and god is kind, your own abilities give you these rewards
Do – depend on your family for all kinds of support, your spouse is supportive and very helpful, that makes this period strong
Don’t – don’t get into discussion or arguments, that can spoil the goodness of this period, don’t ignore the views of elders as they are also important
Excellent period for your commitment towards profession, you are determined to succeed, luck may not favor you as much but your own hard work is the key to success
Day special – stress must be controlled at this stage, routine pressures cause this stress, expenses are high and that can be a hindrance
Far off places may give you reasons to smile, emotional inclinations are strong and that also give you happiness, your own focus should be right, your biggest enemy is your lack of trust for others
Do – maintain the tempo for your professional growth, that has inbuilt factors of pressures, psychologically you have to be stable
Don’t – don’t get into any differences of opinion with spouse, you are egoistic and firm in your attitude, don’t let that spoil the harmony of life
Weak period as there are many pressures, financial pressures are immense, family issues also bother you, that makes this entire period stressful
Day special – in weak periods you have to keep a low profile, stay cool and devote yourself to solving family related issues, you have to protect yourself from self-created mistakes, trust others and take their help
Your success lies in your own efforts, your hard work towards your profession can make all the difference, changes are on your mind but there may be hidden factors of differences which you are not aware
Do – stability is important and that is what you have to maintain, any change must be taken with lot of planning, take care of health as well
Don’t – don’t let some hidden and unknown factors spoil the stability of your life, some people may be pushing you for change for their vested interests, don’t let that happen
Weak period as luck may not favor you as much, even financial gains may be threatened by loss
Day special – if you are not aware of any thing fully then don’t touch that, the decision has to be based on this fact that whether you are aware of that path or not

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