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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

30th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are really trying to forge ahead in life, you are succeeding in many ways, in relationships and in family linkages you are successful, but in career you are uneasy
Do – this is a time to focus towards your career, professional excellence is important, you must work hard towards that
Don’t – don’t have doubts or uneasiness in your mind, that can never give success, focus towards work with committed involvement is required, don’t ignore that
Your own efforts will give excellent results, but you are not satisfied with the achievements despite your efforts
Day special – you think that luck is not favoring you, that may not be correct because you are thinking too much, in love relationship you may not get the support from others, that makes you upset
Home family and personal well being is well ensured, you will gain from all these forces, but dissatisfactions are still there
Do – there is no need for these dissatisfactions, your involvement as such is praise worthy, you will gain from all this effort
Don’t – don’t be depressed unnecessarily, it is human nature to worry, but thinking too much negatively is not good, don’t do that
Psychologically weak period, it can lead to upsets as well as health concerns, no big decisions should be taken in uneasy periods
Day special – health concerns are lingering, periodic upsets on that bother you, you are not happy with your supporters also
You are worried for finances, expenses are high and losses can be there, that is the real upset
Do – luck is with you immensely, minor pressures may be there, but luck will help you immensely to overcome these weaknesses
Don’t – don’t let differences of opinion spoil every thing, a lot of peace and patience is required, don’t let it get reduced in any way
Personal and professional well being is ensured, gains from business are well indicated, that is a blessing
Day special – boss may be against you, that can cause lot of mental pressure on you, your abilities may also be questioned
Generally lucky period for your professional achievements, there is no cause for concern, but with home family are related issues you are dissatisfied
Do – this is the time to focus towards your career, this should be done with devoted attention and without any diversion of mind
Don’t – don’t let any instability of mind cause upsets, think rationally and nothing will go wrong, don’t let any weakness emerge in this
Weak period as your efforts are getting reduced, psychologically you are stressed and not happy, patience is the key word
Day special – only psychologically you are stressed, otherwise there is no real problem or issue in life, routine matters keep on troubling you
Career and marriage needs lot of care, you cannot be harsh to anyone and you cannot loose temper, be very mild to others as that will help you
Do – think before you speak, that is the only way to protect your interests
Don’t – don’t ignore your opponents, they can cause upsets, be pleasant towards them and don’t ignore their strength
Weak period psychologically, you are uneasy and depressed, but many factors are under control
Day special – career is stable and you are doing fine, don’t think too much and don’t think negatively, handle your boss carefully
Weak period generally as relationships are under pressure, you are yourself responsible for causing differences, you have to understand that
Do – involve with others better, you try to do that and that is a protection
Don’t – don’t let travels or expenses cause upsets in your life, that can lead to losses and you will not be happy with that, don’t let that happen
You are not happy with the financial situation, that is where the problem lies, your strength is actually else where
Day special – you have to draw happiness from home and family, marital life requires care and involvement, that only will lead to happiness

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